Thursday, June 16, 2005

One Ringy Dingy

Just to give you an idea of how strange I am (though longer-term readers already have a pretty good sense):

Some guy at my neighborhood Cingular store -- where I stopped by when I had issues with my phone -- turned me on to a cool web site which would, for FREE, take an MP3 you have on your computer and turn it into a ringtone for you. It's kinda cool... you can even pick the time-stamp where the ring tone should start, and tell it how long the ring tone should go for.

Normally I balk at downloading ring tones, but that's usually just because I don't want to be paying Cingular, or anyone else, for them. But then I figure since it's free (it just costs a text message and some web-surfing time), I'd pick some songs that would make great ring tones and store them on my phone.

So I picked excerpts from the following songs to serve as ring tones, subject to changing based upon my mood:

. Abba: Dancing Queen
. The Wonder Woman theme song
. Radiohead: Creep
. Eminem: Lose Yourself

How screwy is that?


On a related note (is that a pun?), the other day I was waiting for a friend of mine to meet me in my lobby. As I sat there (near the air conditioning grate), I heard the faint sound of music. I started walking along the air conditioning grate to track down its source. I was this close to asking the woman at the front desk whether they've embedded music speakers in the A/C structures here, when I finally realized my phone was ringing in my pocket -- using one of my new ringtones as the ring.


ericorbit said...

1) does it only work for Cingular?

2) not gonna provide us with a link?

Drew said...

Oooh...yeah, Dennis!, don't bogart that link - send it along!

Dennis! said...

Oops, I guess the site would be good to share, huh?

Here's the link. It works for all major wireless providers, I think (even international!). All you have to do is tell them the wireless provider, and the manufacturer and model of your phone.

If you use it, come back and post what tunes you put on your cell. :)

Drew said...

Oh my god, I love that site! My new ringtone is now "Frank Sinatra" by Miss Kittin - the part where she goes, "Do you know Frank Sinatra? He's dead...dead! Hahahaha."

Loves it.

MoDigli said...

What a great find! I'm off to check it out....


bullie76 said...

How fun! Thanks for the site. Though, as far as ABBA is concerned, I have to say my favorite is Waterloo.

Dennis! said...

Oooo... Waterloo sounds fun too... uh oh, I might just addicted to creating ringtones.

Alias - Joey said...

I have been sporting the Sanford and Son Theme song and a little diddy by Flock of Seagulls for the better part of a year. 30 and still utterly childish.

Dennis! said...

We here at MTML love and appreciate utter childishness, at any age. Well, not all the time, but at least when it's fun.