Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Gel-Filled Goodness

I purchased a few books from Kramerbooks recently.

(Yes, I know I just posted about how wonderful the local library is, but these books were gifts.)

The clerk handed me my credit card receipt and I reached for the pen sitting on the counter. As I signed the receipt, I couldn't help noticing the fluidity with which the ink flowed out of the pen, and the smoothness with which the pen moved across the paper. It was an effortless motion to affix my signature to the receipt.

"Wow," I said out loud. "That is one kick-ass pen."

(I have since identified it as one of the gel-ink dealies. A little more expensive than ordinary ball-points, but so cool.

The clerk smiled at me weakly. "Well, they're cool," he told me. "But only if you're not writing too much. After a while with it, you notice some inconsistently with ink delivery, and you hit periods of ink spotting followed by periods of no ink output at all."

My response: "Gee, burst my bubble."

It truly takes two big-time geeks to get into details regarding the merits of a pen.


Matthew said...

Did either one of you take a finger and gently press back your glasses against the bridge of your nose?


Steve said...

Who you calling geek? I have this thing about pens... I'm very particular. I found one I really like, so I bought a few and used 'em up dry. When I went back for more, they were out, and weren't ordering any more. Bastards. Anyway, I found another place that had some that were similar, so I'm all giddy for the time being. That is, until those bastards stop ordering those.

p.p. said...

Matthew, that's actually pretty funny...

Dennis! said...

Matt: I only wish I had my glasses on at the time, just to have been able to do that.... Come to think of it, I think the clerk was wearing glasses. One of those sexy Moby-type dealies.

Steve: Oh ye of the alphabetically-arranged desktop icons? Yeah, when I say geek, I do mean you. :) But yes, there's much to be said about a high-quality pen.

Jon said...

I love those Dr. Grip pens by Pilot. Cool design, long lasting, and comfortable to wrtie with for long periods of time!