Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Not the Boss o' Me

I've been in a mood lately. And my friends aren't helping.

I refuse to be friends with people who don't respect me. Is it too much to ask that your friends show you just a bit of respect? Not to get into too many details, but I'll go on record now as saying I don't particularly take well to being told to "shut up" in a rude manner by anyone, let alone by people who are supposed to be my friends.

Compouding my problem, of course, is that I'm a passive-aggressive motherfucker (I hate that about myself), so instead of just telling this person to fuck off and shove something up her ass preferably without the benefit of lubrication (not that she'd need it) (OOOH, snap!), I just wandered away and deliberately separated myself from her in the crowd. Problem solved, bitch. I have now shut up and you will not hear my voice again for a long, long time.

Then I get an email from a different friend today, basically telling me to send an email to a friend of ours. I know emails are subject to misinterpretation because there's no vocal inflections or anything conveyed in the written word, but woman, is your email account broken? Well, obviously not, since you sent ME an email. What's keeping you from sending an email to our friend on your own? I'm not your little bitch, you know.

Okay, deep breaths. I'm done now. I think.


Spider said...

Man - it must be the moon or something. But I agree 100% with you. You expect your friends to at least act like the repsect you... no one need to put up with that shit.

As for the e-mail - tell the bitch to send it herself - in the time she spent sending it to YOU she could have sent one to the other person AND have had time to douche...

katie said...

I hate hate HATE being told to shut up. It is rude, and should be left to five year olds who can't come up with a more biting, witty retort.
I would tell your other friend exactly what you said here. People can be so annoying.

Vince said...


"Problem solved, bitch. I have now shut up and you will not hear my voice again for a long, long time."

That is so me. I love it.

Jon said...

R-E-S-P-E-C-T...find out what it means to me....

Sorry. Got lost in the moment. I hear you on being passive aggressive. I've gotten better in being more vocal over the years, but I still kepp things to myself and come up with good comebacks hours later when I'm lying in bed at night as opposed to telling people off who disrespect me. And don't email someone for someone else. That's so highschool and the woman needs to grow the fuck up.

Matthew said...

What's going on, exactly?

I want details!

D.T. said...

You totally have every right to want that respect from your friends. I mean, if your friends wont respect you, who will?

But I'm wondering how she said "Shut up." I know you said it was rudely, but sometimes I've said it rudely, but in a joking manner, you know?

But however which way she said it, obviously it bothered you, and not speaking to her is like a really good way to find out what kind of friend she really is.

If she calls wondering why you havent talked to her, then you know shes concerned and that she cares for you. But if she doesnt call, then she probably didnt give a second thought about the whole thing.

SO yeah...fuck her til she calls. Not sexually of course.

bullie76 said...

Triumph the Insult Comedy Dog made me laugh out loud the other day with his coverage of the Michael Jackson trial: [via americablog http://www.whatevernevermind.com/honkybitch/2005/06/triumph_mj_tria.html]

It sure helped my mood.

(And I'm with you on being told to shut up -- I hate it.)

bullie76 said...

Sorry, my html skills aren't up to speed... how embarrassing.

p.p. said...

bullie76, I saw the episode. I laughed my ass off. Pure comedy.

Dennis, have you talked to her since? If not, don't. Let her initiate the conversation. If she asks you why you've been "distant," tell her she's been a cunt. That will grab her attention!

enigma:: said...

I agree with everyones comment here. Im very passive as well, but Ive learned to throw things back in peoles face when they throw comments like "shutup" in mine. Even giving a dirty look. Being told to shut up is quite rude, especially coming from a friend. Wait for her to come to you, until then don't even think about it,.. go on with your life. Like someone mentioned, if she cares she will come back..:) goodluck

Dennis! said...

Thanks for the feedback, folks. (I'll watch the Triumph clip later today....)

I'd rather not go into the details of why I'm so pissed off about the "shut up" comment. Honestly, I've had issues about this girl bubbling beneath the surface for quite some time now, so it's just as well that this breaks the camel's back. Let's just say I have a distinct personality and if you can't deal with it, you shouldn't be my friend.