Friday, June 17, 2005

It's Confirmed

The Washington Post has a great editorial today. Coupled with E.J. Dionne's column, today's Post pretty much vindicates what I've thought for a while: Republicans who were involved in the Terri Schiavo case were full of shit.

I feel an urge to write to all the state medical boards which have granted Dr. Frist his medical license for the purpose of urging them to reconsider or revoke his license based upon his utterly irresponsible act of taking the most public platform in the country after watching "one hour or so" of videotape and effectively offering a second diagnosis for a woman he's never met. (Frist, of course, denies having acted inappropriately.)

The actual autopsy report is here.

I'm glad the fiasco that was the Schiavo legal battle is over. Unfortunately, those who fought so hard to "save" her against her own wishes and the best advice of the doctors who actually diagnosed and tended to her are still going about their lives.

And now I feel kinda bad for Terri's parents, who apparently still can't or won't accept the autopsy's findings, clinging to their fervent belief that, despite the medical evidence, she was able to see and respond to stimuli. I know it's tough to lose a loved one, ever, but after what point do you just let go and move on with your life instead of dwelling on her death?


Alias - Joey said...

Dennis - I couldn't be more in agreement. Completely maddening!! Good post.

Steve said...

Ryan posted something about this today as well, and the autopsy reports proves what's been said all along--Terri has no chance of recovery. None. I've watched this from start to finish, as I live like 15 minutes from where it all went down, and it is very, very sad. However, our esteemed Governor wants to open an investigation about the 911 call that started this mess 15 years ago. Jesus H. Christ! Let it go.

MoDigli said...

I feel badly for Terri's parents also. But in the end, the truth is that they put their own emotional needs in front of what was best for their daughter. To me, it seems that she lived a tortuous 15 years. Then was forced to starve to death because we don't have humane euthenasia laws in our country.

We will euthenize our own pets to prevent their suffering when recovery is hopeless. But when it comes to people, somehow this is "against god" and can't be talked about as a viable option.

I think, as a country, we missed the bigger picture of what this case was all about. We need responsible euthenasia laws!

bullie76 said...

It's not over -- Jeb's asking the state attorney to investigate whether the husband was responsible for her condition:

Long, long ago these folks lost touch with reality and, sadly, common decency.