Thursday, March 10, 2005

Happy Belated Anniversary to Me!

I missed it.

My first blog entry ever was written on February 23, 2004. I forgot this anniversary date until just now, over two weeks later.

Happy anniversary to me.

Good thing I'm not in any kind of substantial relationship.

Wait, now that I think of it, I think my fourth anniversary of working for my current employer passed without notice this year too. Hey, we usually have some kind of lunch or cake or something for that!

Anyway, on the auspicious occasion of my first anniversary, I want to thank my regular readers (all, what, eight of you?) and a special shout-out to Randy -- even though he seems to have lazed off of his blogging of late, he's the guy who introduced me to this thing to begin with. And I would be all the more boring without this outlet. So thanks, Randy. When the hell are we going to grab that drink or dinner or whatever?


ericorbit said...

Happy 1st birthday, blog!

p.p. said...

Happy Anniversary!!!

Mine is in July. I expect a huge party! ;)

ducklet said...

god, i hope i make it a year. you've definitely got my respect.

Matthew said...

Happy blog birthday to you, Dennis!

Here's to the next year. :-)

Dennis! said...

Thank you. Thank you very much. [bows]

Peter and Brando: I'm actually quite surprised that you guys are less than one year blogging, personally. Your creative writing skills (both of you!) are incredible.

I can only hope for the longevity of your blog, Matt -- and the continued freshness during that longevity.