Saturday, March 12, 2005

Fast Food Frivolity

The following events transpired as I went to a local fast food restaurant tonight to pick up some food to take to a potluck.

The Players:
Cashier Nos. 1 and 2, and to a lesser extent, 3.
Unknown other customer.

I placed my order with CASHIER NO. 1, paying him in bills. Obviously running into a problem with the level of change in his drawer, CASHIER NO. 1 broke a single into loose change through CASHIER NO. 2's till and handed me $0.85.

And now, our play:

CASHIER NO. 2: Can I help the next person please?

[Other Customer approaches her.]

UOC: Yeah, you guys have a special....

CASHIER NO. 2: [to CASHIER NO. 1] Did you... [to UOC] I'm sorry, excuse me. [to CASHIER NO. 1] Did you raid my till?
[Note that through this entire time, CASHIER NO. 2 does not actually turn her head to look at CASHIER NO. 1. Instead, she continues to look forward, pretty much at UOC, while talking to CASHIER NO. 1.]

CASHIER NO. 1: I needed some change.

CASHIER NO. 2: I don't care if you needed change. I TOL' you before not to be raiding my mothafuckin' till! Don't GO coming into my motherfuckin' till!
[Yes, she used the word "motherfuckin'" twice, in front of customers.]

[I continue to wait for my food. UOC places his order and hands over some money. CASHIER NO. 2 starts trying to make change for UOC.]

CASHIER NO. 2: [to CASHIER NO. 3, though again without really turning her head] Yo, give me four cents.

[CASHIER NO. 3, however, is a little busy, and is unable to help CASHIER NO. 2 with her request demand.]

[CASHIER NO. 2 takes a nickel from her till and walks over to CASHIER NO. 3's register. CASHIER NO. 2 presses a button on CASHIER NO. 3's register, obviously with the expectation that CASHIER NO. 3's till open in response. It does not.]

CASHIER NO. 2: Damn!

[CASHIER NO. 2 walks over to CASHIER NO. 1's till, presses a button, and proceeds to break her nickel down to pennies.]

ME: [starts giggling uncontrollably]


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p.p. said...

Did u eventually get yo motherfuck'n food?