Tuesday, March 22, 2005

¡Hasta Mañana!

I was getting a cup of coffee on Saturday morning at my local coffee shop. Having placed my order and handed over my money, the guy behind the counter handed me my change, saying, "Your drink will be at the bar in just a minute. Here's your change. Thanks and see you tomorrow!"

I was only half paying attention and was halfway to the bar when I realized that he had said "See you tomorrow." Suddenly I was afraid I had been rude. Did I know this guy? Were we going to be hanging out the next day?

I turned to look at him. He was cute. I certainly would not have minded a date with him. But did we have plans? Maybe he knew where I was going to be the next day (I was doing some volunteer work) and he would see me there... but that seemed unlikely.

As I stood there pondering what this guy said, another guy went up to the counter and placed his order. "Thanks, see you tomorrow!" the clerk said, handing the customer his change.

I suddenly felt much less special.


ericorbit said...

hm, thats kind of an odd thing for a cashier to say. kinda presumptuous, wouldn't you think? whatever happened to "thanks, come again" or "have a nice day" or "get the fuck out"?

Steve said...

I think the little tramp is two-timing you! ;-)

Dennis! said...

If it was a marketing scheme, it worked, because I went back the next day. Well, not because of him, but still.

I'm tempted to go again this weekend just to stalk the cashier again. Hahaha. Seeing as it's supposed to rain, maybe I can sit inside this time (it was nice so I sat outside last time) and stare at him from time to time.