Thursday, March 31, 2005

Drivers are Stupid

Okay, as promised, here is my non-comprehensive list of why drivers are stupid.

First, many of them seem to have this belief that leaning on their horn during traffic jams will help the situation go a little better. Let me tell you folks, it doesn't. All it does is contribute to noise pollution.

Second, many drivers are a bit unclear on the concept of a "STOP" sign. You are, in fact, supposed to STOP at a "STOP" sign. "Rolling" stops, a/k/a "California" stops, don't cut it. This is especially true where I'm approaching the corner and am about to exercise my right of way by stepping into the crosswalk. Your job in that situation is to STOP and let me cross in front of you. Capisce?

Third, what is the deal with drivers in the left-turn lane who try to make that turn just when the light turns green, because they're too impatient to allow oncoming traffic to permit him a break first? That's retarded. It's even more retarded when these drivers make such an impatient turn, only to be faced with pedestrians in the crosswalk, forcing him to stop. Then the motherfucker's basically blocked at least a lane, usually two, of oncoming traffic. Smart move, dickwad.

Fourth, and quite related to the third, is when drivers move head into the intersection in an effort to beat the red light, only to find themselves completely stuck in the middle of the intersection -- "blocking the box." They are usually spurred on by the idiot honking drivers (thus putting them on stupidity par with the idiot honking drivers) and now face the wrath of the idiot honking drivers on the cross-traffic. Worse again is when they do this and effectively block a crosswalk, forcing pedestrians to walk around their car. I love it when the driver wants to move, but can't because a steady stream of pedestrians keeps him from doing so. They tend to get pissed that all these people are blocking his way, but I just think to myself, "Well ya should have thought of that before you fucking blocked the box, huh?"

Yeah, I'm rapidly becoming a hater.


Steve said...

Sweet Plastic Jesus Next To The Cordless Phone! I have two MAJOR bitches about idiot drivers: Yea, people who'll drive into an intersection when obviously, there is no room, and they're going to have to stop in the middle of the intersection, then light changes and they're fucking it all up the rest of us. I don't know about other places, but in Florida, you can be ticketed for blocking an intersection. Where's a fucking cop when you need one? I see it happen all the time. Now, here's a major bitch with me: When turning onto a two lane road, YOU ARE SUPPOSED to stay in your lane, then signal to make a lane change... NOT zoom into the far lane. Arrrghhh. If I was a cop in my area, I would sooo rake in major $$ just for these two offenses alone. But since I'm not, I wish it was legal to just shoot these morons on the spot. Oh... HAHAHAHA! You said dickwad!

katie said...

Can I throw one more gripe in? Those who drive with their turn signal on for miles. Ugg.

kat said...

Blocking the box is my BIGGEST pet peeve. And I hate it when the car behind them pulls right up to their bumper, so all the pedestrians have to walk in front of the car, and right into traffic. Grrrr...

Jon said...

I both drive and walk aggressively, though I do stop and let people cross. What gets me irritated in a car is when I'm making a left turn, which mens the person crossing has the right of way- so I wave to them, meaning they can cross. The person then doesn't walk, and when I start to make the turn, they then decide to start walking. Whenever that happens, I come as close to hitting them (at a very low speed, of course) as possible. The way i see it, they missed their chance. Since I live in NYC and am a pedestrian 90% more often than a driver, I've learned how not to walk like an idiot, so other people should too.