Friday, March 25, 2005

Pedestrians Are Stupid

Here's my latest pet peeve: pedestrians. Okay, I know I am one too, seeing as I don't own a car, but some people are idiots.

First, I can't stand people who feel like they're so important and in such a rush that they can't wait for the light to change at a crosswalk even if they can only safely make it halfway across the street. So they step out into the sidewalk and walk to the double yellow line, where they then stand like morons while opposing traffic keeps going right on by. Come on people. I have nothing against crossing against the light if you know the traffic patterns and you can safely get all the way across, but you look frigging retarded when you cross halfway then have to wait for the light for the second half of your journey anyway.

Second, I hate pedestrians who cross against the light, but then saunter in the face of oncoming traffic. Uh, hello... you're crossing against the light. At least have the decency to act like you're going faster than you normally would instead of holding up people who have the green in front of them while you take your sweet ol' time walking. If you can't jaywalk at your normal pace without slowing down cars who have the light, either don't cross, or speed up.

Third, I hate pedestrians who don't make way for other pedestrians on the sidewalk. I swear, lately I'm invisible, even on the sidewalk. I'll be walking along and a group of, say, three people will be on the sidewalk approaching me, taking up the entire length of the sidewalk, and yet none of them will begin to make any move whatsoever to provide me with some sidewalk space! There have literally been times recently when I've had to step into the street or the grass to avoid these people. Next time I'm just putting my head down and headbutting my way through, inconsiderate sons of bitches. I'm not a ghost, and if you think I am, I will SHOW you how corporeal I am.


Later installment will probably read "Drivers are Stupid." 'Cause, trust me, I do have a load of gripes about them as well.

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Steve said...

You know what? I really don't notice pedestrians, since we don't really have many. The Tampa Bay area is a lot of sprawl. I will, however, anxiously await your 'drivers are stupid' post. Please hurry.