Wednesday, March 30, 2005

On Asseveration and Fiefdoms

For work, a good friend of mine found himself a city called "Fife." This IM session took place this afternoon.

Dennis!: isn't a fife something like a feudal plot of land?
Friend: I thought it was a flute.
Friend: As in "the drum and the fife"
Dennis!: like you're some vassal allowed to live in it upon conditioned upon your servitude to your feudal lord?
Friend: you're thinking Fief
Friend: fiefdom
Dennis!: you're right.
Dennis!: on both counts.
Friend: well duh
Dennis!: it's been ages since i've had occasion to use the word "vassal"
Friend: so?
Dennis!: i dunno. some words are just fun to use. i think i'll try to incorporate "vassal" into conversation sometime this week.
Friend: You're an odd duck.
Dennis!: i am not a duck!
Friend: quack then
Dennis!: some friends and i decided that "asseverate" would be a cool new word to assimilate into our vocabularies.
Dennis!: and other words too, but i seem to have forgotten them.
Dennis!: ... which defeats the purpose of trying to assimilate them into my vocabulary.
Friend: uh huh

I think my friend thinks I'm high or something.


ericorbit said...

omg becky, like my blood vassals are like all asseverated and stuff so i had to rub on some vassaline on them.

is that good?

Anonymous said...

no, being high is more fun.

Dennis! said...

Eric: I love it... ESPECIALLY, the "omg becky" touch. Fantastic.

Anon: Define "fun." Oh, who am I kidding. I'm a big ol' dork. Let's just say "I wouldn't know...."

Will said...

I need to say Vanquish more, without actually vanquishing anyone. That's mean.

Dennis! said...

Will: Perhaps you should seek a recurring role on "Charmed." Hey, maybe you could be their new whitelighter.