Thursday, March 24, 2005

O Pungency!

I just came back from a quick trip to the men's room, which confirmed:

Yep, I did have some asparagus with my lunch today.

That is all.


p.p. said...

haha... been there, smelled that. But I do love aparagus.

katie said...

Do you have any idea how many people have said I am crazy for saying it makes your pee smell? I am sending them all here. Thanks for the solid evidence.

Dennis! said...

Katie -- As if there's any question at all! The only other foodstuff that's had such a signficant and noteable impact on my excretion is Super Sugar Crisp (later renamed to the less objectionable "Super Golden Crisp", 'cause those marketing people are so clever) -- I used to eat bowls of that stuff at a time as a kid and yeah, I sure could smell it coming right back out again....

Steve said...

At first, I was going, huh? What's the problem? I don't eat it, but now I think I remember hearing it kinda reeks when it comes out. Ew.

Dennis! said...

I have composed a haiku to supplement this blog entry (because I'm incredibly bored, and because blogger won't let me add it as a supplement to the post itself):

post lunch bathroom break
the odor brings back to mind
asparagus... mmmm.

Notice the lack of caps -- it's a zen thing.