Friday, April 01, 2005


I've been pondering this for a little bit: Much as I enjoyed having this outlet for a little over a year now, I think it's time for me to say Adieu to this blog.

I originally started this blog as a way to express my thoughts in a candid manner, as well as to try to sharpen my creative writing skills. (One doesn't get much of a chance to write "creatively" when one spends their day reading court opinions and drafting court pleadings.)

But lately it seems like this blog is more of a chore than anything. I find myself wanting to post something, but not Finding Anything, so instead the quality of this blog suffers because I start posting random crap instead of stuff that I've taken any time at all to invest any sweat equity in.

And I want this blog to be a labor of my love rather than just something that's there.

So with that, I am officially calling this blog quits. E.R. docs, you can call it now. It's been real!


p.p. said...

This better be an April Fool's joke, because if it is not, I will one day come to DC and punch you in the throat.

Have a good one! ;)

Steve said...

HAHAHAHAHA! You so crazy!

Matthew said...

Yeah, it's an April Fool's joke.

Look at what the bolded letters in the post spell.

Dennis, you fucker! Had me sad there for a bit. ;-)

kat said...

Ditto Peter. (Love the bold letters by the way ;) )

SB said...

Very well played. You had me for half the first paragraph, you silly bastard.

Good thing, too, as throat-punching is pretty gnarly.

MoxieGrrrl said...

Nice one - happy April Fool's Day!

anne said...

And I thought it was all because of something I'd said.
Well, the title is in French, innit (or Latin, but my paranoia says French).

katie said...

That was good! Took me a second to get it.

Me said...

Cute...Pretty inventive.

Dennis! said...

Gotcha! Happy April Fools day!

Peter: Is that what it takes to get you to come to DC? Pulling the plug on a blog? :)

Kat: Don't you live in DC? (Not that I'm inviting you to punch me in the throat or anything.)

Anne: It is meant to be French, but only because it's one of my favorite foreign languages (which I speak poorly).

Glad you all enjoyed my little prank. :)

Jon said...

Ys, I can read bold face ^_^ Glad it's not the end.

thisplaceisdeadanywayguy said...

wow, i actually believed it for a moment. i'm a moron.