Thursday, April 28, 2005

Don't Be Putting Too Much Alcohol in Me

By no means am I drunk right now.

But apparently I'm close enough to it to have my normally reserved self open up just a tad.

After work tonight I went over to a bar on Capitol Hill to join some friends for a few drinks. It was a birthday celebration; otherwise I very likely would have just bailed on the evening. The restaurant featured half-price bottles of wine before 7:00 p.m. My friends had arrived by just before 6:00, so by the time I showed up at around 7 (missing the half-price special), there were three bottles polished off on the table. And they ordered a fourth just before cut-off time.

I'm not a fan of white wines in general, but given that it's what they ordered, I drank up. From a water glass, because I couldn't be bothered to wait for them to bring me a proper wine glass. And keep in mind that, of course, I had not eaten dinner before this.

Before I knew it I had downed three glasses of wine before the food that I ordered arrived. Keep in mind that this place advertises "Wine and Tapas," which means that the food portions are rather ridiculously small for $7. Arg.

Still, I'm not drunk, but I most certainly am not totally sober.

The restaurant was literally right next door to my favorite gay cowboy bar (yes, it's a little weird, I know), so I stopped in to watch some line dancing for a little bit where -- don't ask me why -- I bought a beer which I successfully nursed until I finally decided it was time to head home.

At home is where I finally realized that I clearly was not in my right mind.

As I walked over to the elevator, a guy I've seen for years now who lives on the eighth floor was in the lobby retreiving his mail. I've flirted mildly (so mildly, in fact, that I doubt he even realizes that flirting is what I was doing) with him for a long time now, but this time I finally pushed it beyond the normal borders. As I got off on my floor, I found myself asking him: "So, when are you going to invite me over for dinner?"

I still can't believe I actually said that.

He suggested a dish and said he'd let me know when I could come over.

I'm one crazy mofo.

When I've been imbibing.

I give myself credit that I didn't jump him bones and try to make out with him in the elevator.

** 4/29/05: I suddenly realized this morning that it would be terribly embarrassing if this guy is actually reading this blog. Then I realized that this blog isn't so popular that this would be likely. So, in either case, oh well.


Will said...

Nice move.

anne said...

If there was anyone remotely interesting in my building, I'd steal that.

kat said...


katie said...

That was brave. Nice job.

p.p. said...

Wine does it to me too. Nice move on the neighbor.

Me said...

Even alcohol doesn't have my remove my walls. Sigh.

But nicely played.

Steve said...

I've gotten rather shy in my old age, and it shows, since I'm single. Maybe I should get ripped, errr, tipsy more often.

Matthew said...


Three glasses of wine from a water glass?

A beer?

Catching some line dancing at a gay cowboy bar?

Going out on a limb and scoring (a dinner date) with a neighbor?

Awesome, Dennis! That actually sounds like a great evening (are you feeling it all today?)

D.T. said...

You just came out and asked them that? Wow...someone's got some big balls...LOL!

And if he says no to the dinner you can always pass it off as "Oh, well I was drunk..."

Works for me everytime...

Anonymous said...

this blog represents the height of insanity! Beep-beep, shoobie-doo-wah.