Sunday, April 03, 2005

Sloe Gin Death

Via Stephanie, I had to try this.

Go easy on that.
You will drink too much gin. Not the worst way to die, but you won't remember too much of your life. Hey, at least you made some people laugh!

What horrible Edward Gorey Death will you die?
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Honestly, I've never actually heard of Edward Gorey or this most macabre book, but it looks fun.

And Stephanie, eat your heart out. Or drink your heart out, as it were.


Me said...

I've gotta admit Dennis!, I really am envious right now. Your death is my ideal death. Hey, go out doing something you love, that's my opinion.

(I also hadn't heard of him, but it was just twisted enough for me to enjoy.)

kat said...

"You will perish of fits. Repeat this to yourself: 'Things can work out even if I don't get my way. Things can work out even....'"

I would have much preferred your way!

Dennis! said...

The bad part about this is, of course, I'm not even really a gin person. I much prefer vodka, though I did get completely and totally wasted on scotch in Spain recently.

suze said...

ack...never heard of edward gorey!!! sacrelige!! wonderfully twisted man. everyone should get to know the macabre that is gorey.