Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Inside Jokes

It's much easier to make inside jokes when the person you're excluding doesn't speak the language.

Cliff's Notes background: The only people I'm not "out" to are my parents. My parents primarily speak Chinese; though they're decent at English, they're a lot slower on the uptake. Oh, and my brother can be a shithead -- which is probably one of the reasons I love him so much.

In the conversations that follow, italicized sentences are in Chinese, the rest in English.

1. At dinner one night:

Mom: [to me] Have some more of this pork. You like it, right? I've noticed you like to eat a lot of meat.
Bro: Heh... more than you know.
Mom: Huh?
Bro and Me: Nothing.

2. Just sitting around at home:

Dad: [to me, handing me what I can only describe as a mini-banana -- it's about 4 inches long] Here, have one. It's good for you.
Bro: Yeah, have one. It's about the right shape.... *snicker*
Me: Sure... but I'm just not used to them being this *small.*
Bro and Me: [giggling like little schoolgirls]
Dad: ?

Yeah, I'm sophomoronic like that.


p.p. said...

My parents are the same. A bit slow, here-and-there. My bro and sis always joke around like that. Makes for a more interesting dining experience.

Steve said...

You're bad. ;-)

Dennis! said...

Peter: Always a fun time in polyglot households. :)

Steve: Who, me?!?

Will said...

It would be funny if your parents were quietly saying to one another "You notice the boys are always talking about gay sex"

Dennis! said...

Will: That would be way too funny.