Friday, April 29, 2005

Nice Try

A woman in DC obviously has not read this post of mine from not too long ago. Which is not surprising, given my audience. But still.

Tonight while walking home from work, I dutifully waited for my light to turn green before I stepped into the crosswalk. As I did so, Idiot Woman Driver* did the speed-up-and-make-the-left-turn-before-oncoming-traffic-moves bonehead move. Of course, this not only (slightly) slows down the opposing flow of traffic, it also clearly (and rudely) cuts me (a pedestrian!) off.

I glared at her.

Through her window, partly rolled down anyway, she yelled a nonfacetious "Thank you!"

And I thought to myself: Does this make it even the tinest bit better? Her driving style was rude and dangerous... But she did say "Thank you."

I pondered that for about three steps.

Then I decided, Nope. She's still a mega-beeyotch on wheels.

* By using this term, I do not mean to imply that all female drivers are idiots. Just this particular one. And, well, any other driver who pisses me off who happens to be female. They would all fall into the category of "Idiot Women Drivers."


kat said...

Exactly why was she thanking you? For not spraying her paint job with all of your pesky blood?

David said...

If you had been hit just think of the Blogging possibilities!

D.T. said...

Yeah, what was she thanking you for? I dont get it...if I were you I would have flipped her the bird.

One time a similar incident happened to me in downtown and it made me so mad, that this lady tried to kill me with her car, so I threw my cup of soda at her windshield and ran like hell.

Showed her...but in the end I think she won, cuz all that running just made me thirsty.

Dennis! said...

I think she was thanking me for "letting" her pass in front of me. Clearly she didn't realize that I simply had no choice in the matter.

David: Blogging from a hospital bed... Hmmm. They have voice-posting now, don't they? It's so sad when so much of my life now goes on around what cool bloggable experiences I might have.

D.T.: You are a trip!

Steve said...

At least she's a polite mega-beeyotch on wheels. I wonder what she would've said had she hit you.