Sunday, July 31, 2005

Backhanded Insult?

Recently, I was meeting a group of people to see a Take Me Out at the Studio Theatre here in Logan Circle. We decided we would get together at Logan Tavern for drinks/dinner first, then head over to the show half a block away.

I decided to pass on dinner, so I met with the group a little later just to get a drink and walk over to the theatre. My companions for the night had been seated earlier and, indeed, had ordered their food. As there was no empty seat at the table my companions occupied, I turned to a neighboring table, a four-top occupied by two women, and asked if I could borrow one of their extra chairs.

"We were kind of hoping to be able to get some cute guys to come and sit with us," one joked, "but you can have it."

The other girl laughed. "Consider what neighborhood we're in!" she told her friend.

Trying not to miss a beat, I pointed to the table I was about to join, and the eight gay men sitting around it. "There's an entire table of cute guys right here!" I exclaimed. We all laughed, as did some of my friends who were listening. I took my seat and ordered a drink.

After finishing our food/drinks, we got up to leave and I returned the chair. "Thanks," I told the girls. "If we see any cute guys, we'll send them your way... if we don't snag them for our own." Again, we laughed.

A little later, as I was thinking about that conversation again, a different take on the exchange went through my head: She said she wanted to save the seat for some cute guy. What am I, chopped liver?


anne said...

Hey, aren't you a little paranoid?

Then again, maybe you do look like chopped liver but I wouldn't know... ;)

Vince said...

You can sit with me any time.

MoDigli said...

Don't worry, Dennis!, We all think you're a very cute guy! :)

Matthew said...

I had to chuckle at this, because it's the exact sort of re-thinking of a situation that I tend to engage in, but I really don't think you were insulted.

You've definitely got a cute voice, if that's any consolation.

Dennis! said...

Anne: Perhaps I am. Chopped liver, that is... :P

Vince, Modig, Matthew: Aaaaw, thanks sweeties! Fun fishing for compliments from people who've never seen an accurate representation of your face. Hahaha! :)

Matt: I don't actually think I've actually gotten that particular compliment before. Thanks!

duane said...

that was actually rude on her part (the one who said, "think of what neighborhood we are in"). If you don't want to be around gay men, honey, go to a "straighter" part of town.