Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Music of the Heart

Matt tagged me with this musical meme, so here goes:

Number of records/tapes/CDs I own
Last time I counted, a little over 350 CDs. I haven't counted tapes, because they're all in a box in my room and I never listen to them. Besides, many of the tapes I own have been rendered redundant by the fact that I've purchased the CD of the same album. I own no records, because I have never owned a turntable in my life.

First record/tape/CD I bought
I don't remember this.... But I will say this: In my early tape-collecting years (before the days of CDs, because I am just that old), I built my collection more by winning the "Be Our Ninth Caller!" radio contests than by going out and buying my own tapes. I can't remember what the first tape I selected was, but I have a sinking suspicion it was Debbie Gibson's Out of the Blue. I say "sinking" because people will make fun of me for it, not because I'm ashamed of it, because dammit, I really did like her stuff back then, and still don't mind it terribly now. (Although I will make fun of the fact that she has a greatest hits album out, since it looks all in all pretty lame, seeing as all the tracks come from a total of two albums, Out of the Blue and Electric Youth. Apparently her third, fourth, and fifth albums -- who the hell knew that she had released that many? -- were just so awful that none of those songs could be considered "hits.")

Last record/tape/CD I bought
Facing Future and Alone in Iz World by Israel Kamakawiwo'ole

Last record/tape/CD I listened to
Duran Duran's Greatest. I was shocked to find out that they did Ordinary World, because for some reason it just doesn't sound like them to me. I was pleasantly surprised, though, since I do love that song.

Recordings or songs that mean a lot to me (and/or changed my life)
I think this all depends on context. For example, I still remember that my senior prom theme was Lost In Your Eyes, by the aforementioned Debbie Gibson, so that song kinda means a lot to me. But other songs trigger random, less specific memories too -- mostly 80s stuff, 'cause I'm a dork.

If I had to choose a soundtrack of my life, what 5-10 songs would be on it?

Hmmm... This one is really hard. Let's see....

The Future's So Bright, I Gotta Wear Shades by Timbuk 3
Suddenly, by Olivia Newton-John
At Seventeen, by Janis Ian
I Don't Wanna Fight, by Tina Turner
Lose Yourself, by Eminem
Just to See You Smile, by Tim McGraw
Goodbye to Love, by The Carpenters
Strong Enough, by Cher
Seasons of Love, from the Rent soundtrack
My Next Thirty Years, by Tim McGraw
I Honestly Love You, by Olivia Newton-John

Now, to tag someone. I guess I should tag some people I haven't tagged before. How about Katie and Eric.


katie said...

Wow, that is one interesting life soundtrack. I would buy it. Do the songs go chronologically?
Off to think of my answers..

Matthew said...

I was really into I Don't Wanna Fight back in the day, and still like it now. I Honestly Love You is a great song.

You've got some good taste in music, Dennis! (Debbie Gibson aside). ;-)

Anonymous said...
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Dennis! said...

Katie: At first, I tried to list them chronologically, but then things just started getting messed up, so I just put songs in where I thought the felt "right." But it's probably not in "order," per se.

Matt: Debbie was "popular" back in the day! I'm a victim of my age, but I own it. :)

The third comment should read "Spam removed by a system administrator."

Steve said...

That slutty, little Debbie Gibson?!? Arrrghh. (OK. Shhh. DO NOT tell a soul, but back in the day, I actually liked her too. I especially liked 'Only In My Dreams'. It's kinda like the way I like the Backstreet Boys, too. I'm soooo embarrassed. Remember, NOT A SOUL!)

MoDigli said...

I LOVE "goodbye to love" by the carpenters. Such a sad, beautiful song!

I watched some Biography show about them on PBS this year, and they told the story of how the brother wrote that song. It was a cool story. Do you know it?

Tina D. said...

Im a closeted Cher fan. I lurk Cher fan sites and post anonymously about my love for her all over the internet. I thought I was punk rock, but I guess I changed my orientation - and now Im a Cher fan.

Sorry about that - I just wanted to stop by and say hi. I'll behave from now on.

Dennis! said...

Steve: It's between you, me, and the lamppost baby. Not a soul.

Modig: I've heard snippets of the Carpenters' story here and there, and it always makes me sad that Karen suffered from such an awful problem that took her voice from the world. I remember this movie about them with Barbies in all the roles... kinda dark, and didn't portray Richard in a very good light at all.

Tina: Welcome to my blog! Come back often... I LOVE yours! (If anyone else is reading this, go check out Tina's blog! It's funny!) Tina Turner is awesome. I too have an eclectic mix of musical tastes, though they tend to run rather mainstream... just diverse.