Friday, August 19, 2005

Random Strangers

I've determined that I'm addicted to Craigslist. It's fun to browse.

Usually I start by looking through the "Missed Connections" section. Not because I actually believe any random boy would actually post something for me there telling me how he wanted to meet me but was unable to say hi at the time, but more to see how random people's lives are when they intersect. Sure, you see these missed connections at bars and clubs and stuff, but equally interesting is how mundane some of them are: on the bus, at the grocery store, outside the office building. The potential truly exists, if you have the stones enough for it, to meet people in all manner of places.

I usually avoid the gay male personals ads because, sadly enough, the ads are about absolutely nothing but sex. "Looking to fuck/suck/play now" is a common refrain. What's truly pathetic is that there's actually a separate section for people cruising for sex, so there's really no reason for the gay personals to be so inundated with sex ads. There's even a frigging disclaimer about the explicit sex ads you have to go through before you hit the actual ads! In contrast, the straight personals section contains very little "I want to fuck a woman now!" ads and actually contains (I know this will shock you gay men out there) ads that say things like "Looking to meet a nice girl for dinner and a movie." Really.

The "rideshare" section is also pretty cool. There's an odd diversity to the places people want to go and how much they want people to pay for it. Most of people seem cool about it ("I'm going to NYC this weekend, looking for someone cool to help split gas and tolls"). Not a lot of people seem out for profit or anything... just someone for company and maybe some small financial remuneration. (One guy seems to post constantly about his forays to NYC where he demands like $40 for the trip. For that, I could frigging rent my own car, dude.) It makes me kinda want to take a random cheap trip to NYC, or Philly, or anywhere, just to hitch a ride with some of self-nominated "cool, laid back" folks with cars and the travel bug.

I've been known to post my own missed connection once or twice. I have to admit that I wholly doubt it'll ever result in a successful connection. But then I usually just do it on a whim with no real expectations.

So, Craig, whoever you are, thanks!


Steve said...

Ha! I posted a 'missed connection' after a little eye rape in the grocery story a while back, and I've been reading Craigslist ever since. I figured, WTF. However, I don't think he caught my ad. :-(

Chai said...

oh wow...didn't know Craigslist was that interesting.

i'm going to blame you if i become a Craggie (a person addicted to Craigslist).....just warning ya.


Neil said...

i always found it amusing that the gay ads are so much more direct about sex. I'm not saying that us straight guys don't have the exact same thing on our mind. But since we're dealing with tht strange gender called "women" we have to hide behind all that nonsense about their beautiful eyes and wanting to give them a bouquet of flowers.

Jon said...

I get a kick out of the missed connections as well-- 'me: brunette in black skirt you: tall guy in t-shirt. let's do dinner sometime!

That's what most of them are- they are just too vague.

Check out the best of craigslist- it's hilarous, especially some of the rants and raves

Chef Dean said...

Mainly because I'm a big ol' gay nerd, the founder of Craigslist is: Craig Newark.

You can read about him here: