Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Not-So-Senior Moments

My boss, while not a spring chicken, is still remarkably astute of mind. Sometimes I'll have to repeat myself (either because he couldn't hear me or because I need to better articulate my thoughts), but in general, he's still going strong mentally.

I was surprised the other day when he stepped out of his office (right next to mine), walked into the hallway, and called out cheerfully, "Hello!"

No one responded to him.

"Hello!" he said again, equally jovially. Again, he received no response. Who was he talking to?

Finally, I got up and walked out to the hall to investigate exactly what was going on.

Apparently, a client of a suitemate had come into the waiting area, toddler in tow. Apparently the toddler wasn't big on saying "hello" back to my boss. But it sure did sound weird hearing only one side of that "conversation."


Jon said...

Damn rude kid, someone should smack him/her upside the head and teach him/her to respect their elders! ;)

purpletwinkie said...

Maybe the kid did say hello, but it was drowned out by the hum of his hearing aid? ;)

duane said...

that makes me wonder what people think when they hear some of the non sequiturs that I am always putting out there. LOL

Dennis! said...

Jon: For rude kids who should be smacked upside the head, see the next post. :)

Twinkie: Funny. Naw, it was a shy kid.

Duane: My friends are NOT shy about giving me shit when I toss out random non sequiturs... and I do it a lot.