Thursday, August 11, 2005

Nick and Jessica

I'm generally not a fan of celebrity gossip about Nick and Jessica. I never watched their show -- except for the one time they were doing a marathon and I ended up catching two episodes, including what appeared to be a season-ending one involving lots of flashbacks. (Oh joy.)

The flashback show was especially telling, of course, because I finally got to see all the Jessica-stupidity that the rest of the civilized world seems to eat up with a silver spoon. Such hits as: "So is this chicken, or is this tuna?" and "Buffalo wings? Ew, no! I don't eat buffalo."

After watching the show and mulling it over for a tiny bit, I suddenly came to a frightening conclusion:

My brother and his wife are my own personal Nick and Jessica show.

Really. Okay, my brother is most certainly no Nick Lachey (and even if he were, he's my brother, so ew on that), but he's definitely the brains of the operation that is my brother's marriage. 'Cause, with all the love I can muster, I have to say, my sister-in-law can be quite an idiot.

Many is the time we'll sit around and laugh at her (thankfully, she'll laugh too) because she'll say something insanely stupid, or which doesn't make sense, or which betrays a shocking lack of knowledge of some basic human facts. I'd relate some of the stories here, but most of them take too much backstory to effectively tell.

Oh, and my sister-in-law is also really quite attractive. (For a woman.)

Hey, I should pitch them for a reality show of their own! After I've applied for and been on Big Brother, of course.


Jon said...

I had a conversation with somone recently where they seemed to believe that Jessica is much more intelligent than she comes across on TV, that her ditziness is just an act to sell records- well, she may be smarter than she comes across, but she is not in MENSA! That I can tell you.

p.p. said...

Speaking of Big Brother, I'm hooked again this season!

duane said...

I have heard that too, jon, that Jessica is smarter than she puts on. Well, when is that going to come through??? I like that show, and I like them... they are both cute. (and really, anything with Nick Lachey is fine by me!)

Dennis! said...

I've also heard that Jessica is faking how stupid she is, but I just find it impossible to believe, given that she'd have to keep up that charade 24/7 for that "Newlyweds" show. If she really is smarter than that show lets on, she truly deserves an award or something. But I'm not holding my breath.

On a related note, I've also heard that William Hung is a genius and not some poor delusional dolt. I don't believe that either.

katie said...

I am hooked on big brother. That show is taking up way more of my life than it should.
As for nick and jessica, I'm just not that interested.