Thursday, November 17, 2005

You're on Candid Camera

This past weekend I did some volunteer work with the Sexual Minority Youth Assistance League (SMYAL), (it's pronounced "smile"), which provides a "safe space" in DC for people under 21 who are having issues with their sexuality. It's a great organization; check 'em out.

Anyway, they hosted a fundraiser brunch and I volunteered to help out at the silent auction.

Okay, let's face it: when volunteering to help a gay organization, a HUGE secondary goal is to meet guys. For me, it never works, of course, but it's nice to help out and be in the company of slews of gay men. Let's say I was putting myself out there in the event that someone would notice me.

No one noticed me.

But I did get to work with this guy Dan, who was cute as a button. During our volunteer time we talked a bit. He seemed sweet. SMYAL was important to him because he felt like he didn't have that kind of support when he came out, at 17. Although not exactly the same experience I went through, I support SMYAL for the same reason: to help kids who are having trouble coming to grips with their sexuality, or with other peoples' reactions to their sexuality.

I honestly can't tell if Dan and I hit it off or not. We talked a good deal, but not a lot, in part because I didn't want it to look like I was monopolizing his time, or that I was imposing myself upon him if he didn't want to talk to me. So we talked briefly from time to time, and that was it.

At the end of the day, I failed to exchange any contact information with him. And for that, I am kicking myself.

I even posted a Craigslist ad about him. How sad and desperate is that?

Then I remembered that he had mentioned that he recently put up a profile on Eureka! I decided to search for it and possibly send him a wink (because I think he said he was on their free trial or something). Sadly, though, I couldn't find him! Arg!

And yet there's another twist to this story: served him right up to me! Yep, remember those emails that they send to me every so often, including the ones that tell me that I should totally meet myself? Yeah, there he was!

So I'm totally gonna send him a wink or something tonight. If need be, I'm gonna get that free trial myself, send him my email, and see what goes from there. Honestly, I don't know how compatible we'll be, but he's a cool guy and I'd be willing to spend some time with him.


MoDigli said...

That is so cute! Do keep us updated on the progress of this one, Dennis!

BTW, the craigslist thing was cool. I think it would be so amazing to surf craigslist and see an ad like that directed toward me. I hope he sees it and it makes him SMYAL! ha!

will said...

Don't feel bad about "no one noticed me" because a) Dan apparently did, and b) I used to go to their "back to school" breakfasts and I was usually at a table with a bunch of friends so I never really looked around at guys, so maybe folks simply focused their attention elsewhere, no reflection on you. Though I am sure if I had noticed anyone at those, it would've been you.

anne said...

That email has got to be a sign.

Kirkkitsch said...

I just checked out the Craiglist for the first time. Very cool! I'd heard of it in the past, but never really too the time to find out what it was...okay, I've never really heard of it, but I thought I'd sound like less of a recluse if I said I had.

Anyway, it is cool. They even have people selling books! Me likee!

Good luck with your possible love connection. I hope things work out in one way or another.

kat said...

your stories are awesome :) crossing my fingers and knocking on wood and such!

Neil Morse said...

I picked SMYAL as my charity for next year, and it looks like it's paying off even before I start having my contributions deducted from my paycheck. Good on ya, Dennis!

Please keep me posted. I'm an utter sap for these kinds of stories.

anne said...

Hey, I had to think of you when I read this
Watch out. ;)

Dennis! said...

I'll keep y'all posted. But I'm not optimistic, just because I'm not an optimistic type of guy. :)

Anne, that story is too freaking funny. I wonder how many of the "winks" I've received have been nothing more than attempts to get me to upgrade just to write back!

Dop said...

Most excellent. I've neer used but I have met two of my boyfriends from websites, including my current bf. Good luck and keep us informed.

duane said...

Go for it! You never know what could happen... I bet he is kicking himself for not getting your info!