Sunday, May 15, 2005

Sunday Afternoon

I decided I needed to come into the office today to catch up on a little bit of work that I hadn't finished over the course of last week.

So far today, I have:

. Slept until well past noon.
. Watched (simultaneously) two godawful movies on television: Salem's Lot and some other movie whose title I didn't even bother to find out (it starred Christopher Reeve and Kathleen Turner, among other notable faces)
. Taken a long shower
. Eaten some Popeye's just to get some food in my stomach
. Checked out some cute boys at aforementioned Popeye's, only to realize after closer examination that they weren't as cute as I originally thought
. Read the district court's order on an issue I'm appealing
. Checked on a few of my favorite links on my blogroll
. Logged into Lexis and run a search of federal cases which has resulted in 100 hits, after refining my first search which would have yielded over 3,000 hits
. Contemplated, then discarded, the idea of surfing for porn as long as no one else is here in the office
. Read some of the comments submitted to other blogs on interesting topics
. Started drafting my own comments on interesting posts
. Scrapped the afrementioned comments mid-thought
. Skimmed two cases from the Lexis search result
. Checked my work and home emails
. Grabbed and eaten a stick of string cheese from the fridge
. Checked my boss's emails for anything of importance (like emails about my imminent termination, at this rate)
. Revisted the idea of surfing for porn as long as no one else is here in the office, and again discarded the idea (for now)
. Gone on -- which has yet to add a link to me even though I submitted a request over 1.5 months ago -- and surfed through a few random sites
. Composed and posted this entry

I am so wildly ADD. Heaven help me.


Steve said...

Ummmm, let's see... I went to the grocery store. So, I guess it looks as though you got a little more done than I did.

Jon said...

Doesn't sound like such a lazy Sunday to me, either. You at least STARTED lots of things ;)

I also submitted a request to be added to the NYC Bloggers site- the thing I had to remember (after waiting for over 3 months to be added) is that these kind of sites are run by blogging buffs, not a company, so if they are on hiatus, or have other stuff to do, you'll just have to wait. Give it some time, they won't forget you.

p.p. said...

With a few exceptions, this sounds like any day of the week for me.

Matthew said...

This sounds like my weekends (well, apart from any of the work stuff).

Mmmm, Popeye's.

Dennis! said...

Yeah, this is just like most of my Sundays -- except that I was supposed to be getting work done. Grrrr.

Me said...

That's how I work too. Every day. It's frustrating (especially when you have "billable hours"). I feel your pain.