Thursday, May 05, 2005

Paul Walker and Steve Zahn, They Were Not

The day my mother told me my grandmother passed away, I had a motion to file at the courthouse. (Thankfully, I had finished writing it before I got the call.) I decided to go file it myself instead of using a messenger, just because I needed some time anyway -- I didn't want to go home and wallow, lest I just sit there and sob. So I walked from my office to the courthouse and back.

On the way back home, I stood at a street corner and waited for the light to change, my mind still somewhat heavy with the sad news. At around this point, a big white van pulled up to where I was standing.

"Hey!" the driver yelled. Evidently, he was addressing me. "How ya doin'?" His passenger also looked out the window and smiled.

I don't know why he singled me out, because I'm sure I looked somewhat forlorn. Or maybe he singled me out because I looked forlorn.

His passenger then turned around in his chair and reached behind the seat to the cab section of the van.

"Hop on in!" the driver yelled, as his passenger successfully opened the van door. There was no back seat to this vehicle, but there was a young-looking woman (maybe early 20s) sitting there, also smiling and laughing.

"Naw," I responded.

"Come on!" the passenger encouraged me.

"I'm okay," I persisted. "Thanks."

"Oh, why not?" the driver started. At around this time, though, cars behind him started honking. "Oh well!" he called. The woman in the back of the van reached over and closed the van door.

"Later!" someone yelled as the car turned in front of me and went along its way.

The stupid thing is, if I weren't so completely chaotically immersed in thoughts of my grandmother's death, I might have actually considered getting into the van. Just for some adventure.


kat said...

That is the most bizzare thing I have read in a while. Just when I thought this city couldn't get any weirder!

ericorbit said...

ew, thats just weird. you probably would have had an adventure, alright... one on which you end up chopped into little pieces and thrown away in a garbage bag! freaks!

Dennis! said...

Oh Eric, there you go looking at the negative side of things.... :-P

Will said...

I once took that offer and got in the van, I was 15. It ended in a breaking and entering, a robbery, illicit drug use and innapropriate touching. Possibly the best night of my life to that point.

Steve said...

Have you ever seen that site called 'Bait Bus'? It's where these people ride around and a chick flashes a cute guy on the side of the road, then, when they get the guy in the van, another guy actually starts doing him. That sooo could've been you!

p.p. said...

Steve, the first thing I thought! is another one.

Dennis! said...

Will, precisely the adventure I was talking about! Ah, the days of youthful indiscretion are over for me now.... I suppose illegal activity wouldn't really help my career as a LAWYER much.

Aw, Steve and Peter, those sites are just naaaas-tee!

(And as an additional reason to be indignant, the two "view trialer" links I followed on Bait Bus lead to the same video. That's dull.)

Matthew said...

I'm very glad you didn't get into the van, Dennis. Who knows how that could have ended up?

Those people sound weird.

Dennis! said...

Hmm. Re-reading my own post, the event sounds a lot scarier than it felt at the time. Of course, it's very possible I was in some random haze. And, of course, it's the normal-looking people who end up being serial murderers.

I seriously doubt anyone was asking me to have sex with anyone in that van.