Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Random Thoughts (not by Jack Handy)

I've had blogstipation lately. But in the meantime, here are some random thoughts that don't seem to justify their own blog entry:

. They have indicted the Runaway Bride. They're issuing an arrest warrant, but they're confident that "arrangements could be made for Wilbanks to turn herself in." Uh, fellas, I think this woman is a little experienced in running far, far away.

. The "compromise" on this nuclear option is a crock of shit. The three worst judges are getting their up-or-downs and will likely be confirmed, and civil liberties will suffer further in three different judicial circuits. Fuck the Supreme Court, these appeals court judges are doing just fine messing up the country on their own.

. I hate those Verizon commercials where the kids fake having cell phones as a hint hint to their father. Spoiled-ass brats. You want a cell phone, get a freaking job and pay for it yourself.

. I also hate those commercials on TNT lately where they feature an otherwise cute little black boy talking about the NBA on TNT. I don't like his tone of voice. I don't think it's cute that a kid of that age is busy spitting out his words as if it's cool. It's disrespectful and not cute at all.

. Netflix really should tell you when the movie you're getting is dubbed or subtitled. When I rent a Chinese movie, I want to actually hear the Chinese, not some horribly-dubbed Chinese-accented English version of it. Also, sometimes I like to practice my vocabulary by turning on the subtitles and listening/reading along in Chinese. So tell me if the movie is no longer in Chinese! (But "My Left Eye Sees Ghosts" is in Chinese, and is quite entertaining so far.)

. Why is "French in Action" so freaking popular? I used the book and lecture series in college, and I want a copy now to brush up my French skills since I still have the book. New, the set costs $450. Although I've bid up to $300, I still keep getting outbid on eBay! What the heck?

. I'm toying with the idea of putting my wishlist on public display. But I fear it may only further magnify my total weirdness.

Finally, if you're reading this line, you have far too much time on your hands.


D.T. said...

LOL...I love that Verizon commercial! But the fact that you called them spoiled brats is just too funny.a

And I guess, by your standards, I've got too much time on your hands...oh well!

MoDigli said...

THe only good thing about the runaway bride having to possibly pay for the cost of "searching" for her is that it will probably STILL be cheaper than the cost of her lavish would-be wedding! ha!

kat said...

you're right, i do. then again, i'm working, so i have all the time in the world.

anne said...

I suppose up to $449 would still be cheaper than new. But at $300, it's already more expensive than a return ticket to Paris... Weren't you wondering where to spend some holidays?

Jon said...

The Runaway Bride looks insane. Whenever they show that picture of her with her then fiance, her eyes are all googly and weird. And it's not just on that picture, she has crazy eyes in every photo of her- I say, give her the chair for wasting valuable news time

MoDigli said...

Well, Jon, maybe we can save Georgia some state dollars, cause if you ask me she is anorexic and will be killing herself shortly anyway. (aren't we cruel?!)

p.p. said...

All the time in the world...

Steve said...

HAHAHA! They really should just run by and pick the runaway bride up so they won't have to go looking for her again. In Atlanta, some people are thinking she shouldn't be charged with anything. Hello?!? This whack-job has already been in trouble for shoplifting... more than once.

katie said...

The runaway bride is a loon. I hope she gets the help that she needs.
I would love to see your amazon wishlist, I think they really say a lot about a person. So post it.

Dennis! said...

You guys are a trip.

Modig -- you're totally right; paying her stupid fine IS probably cheaper than that big-ass pretentious wedding she was going to have. Am I remembering correctly that she was going to have bridemaids in the double digits? Good heavens!

Matthew said...

I can't stand that TNT basketball kid, for many of the same reasons you mentioned.

I've dubbed him Li'l Hood.

(hey, it's a stereotype name, but they're the ones indulging in the stereotype...)