Friday, December 23, 2005

Express Yourself

I had drinks with some friends tonight. During the course of conversation, I happened to mention the MetroWeekly coverboy post I came up with back a few weeks ago.

I started talking about the substance of the post, when my friend P. interrupted me: "Did you talk about how no one cared about how he graduated from Princeton because he's hot?"

I was taken aback. "Yes," I said, "that's my blog!" Then I added (from utter fear): "Tell me you don't read my blog!" (I have issues about my friends reading my blog.)

Apparently P. doesn't really read my blog so much as he noticed it by accident on the one day he happened to pick up the Washington Post Express.

Yes, that's right: I was quoted in the Washington Post Express! If I knew how to copy the document and call it out on this post, I totally would.

I didn't even know it until P. pointed it out to me, but hellz yeah, bitches, I was quoted in the Express!

If anyone wants it, I've saved the PDF of that day's Express, and I can email it to you.

It's truly sad when I can say that this is among the coolest accomplishments of my life.

And it's even worse that one of the downsides of wanting to keep your blog semi-private (i.e., away from your real-life friends) is that you can't really brag to them about how excited you are when your blog is mentioned in the Express.


MoDigli said...

That is SO cool! Way to go, Dennis!
I want to see a copy of the quote... will you email it to me?


Matthew said...

That's awesome, Dennis.

Giving up a little quasi-anonnymity is ok sometimes if it means some free publicity (as long as it's good, of course).

Oh, and Merry Christmas (or Happy Holidays, whichever you prefer). :-)

kat said...

so awesome. you must figure out a way to add this to your resume!

Washington Cube said...

Merry Christmas

Steve said...

I don't think that's sad at all, Dennis!... it's pretty cool, actually. Not long ago, I was chatting with this guy at a club who used to be one of our clients at work. Throughout our conversation, he kept mentioning 'random stuff'... random stuff that really could only be found on my blog. Yikes. I'm not really all that concerned with who finds mine, 'cept maybe my Mom. Yikes, again.

KOB said...

Congrats on getting into the Express! Hope the holidays are being good to you as well.

DC Food Blog said...

Soak up the accolades baby!

Sub Girl said...

i think its cool :) not to brag or anything, but i was also quoted in the express and i wanted to shout it out to the world, but i also couldn't tell a lot of my friends, being semi-anon and all. sigh.

katie said...

Hope the holidays went well, that is awesome that you were quoted!

karla said...

That is so awesome! But you've GOT to scan it and upload it as a .jpg so you can post it on your site and get some applause.

Anonymous said...

I started reading your blog after it was featured on Express. Now I'm hooked!

duane said...

That is awesome, but why didn't they tell you they quoted you? I guess they are too busy? Oh well, congrats!