Thursday, December 15, 2005

Flashback, Part 3: The Dance Floor

Flashback, A Short Story in Six Parts

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Part 3: The Dance Floor

After the pre-Pride party, some friends suggested going to a local popular-among-the-gay-set warehouse dance scene for the official Pride closing party. Despite its lack of appeal for him, he decided to go with the herd and go to hang out with his friends. One friend even had snagged wristbands to get into the "private" back room, providing the extra bonus of a place to relax from the dance floor in relative comfort, including couches and a private bar.

He invited Nick. He figured it would be fun. And it would provide Nick with more of a sense of the area's gay nightlife.

They hung out in the private room, talking to some of his friends. Nick was personable and sociable, and unsurprisingly, was a big hit with his friends. Everyone seemed to like him.

At some point they made it out to the dance floor. Somehow, it was just the two of them, as others of the friends either had made themselves comfortable in the back room or were off with other patches of friends. So they danced.

Obviously, a warehouse dance club is not a venue akin to you high-school prom places; there is no slow cheek-to-cheek slow dancing to be had. Physical contact while dancing needs to be delicately initiated, smoothly, gently, and after one has received enough vibes that one's partner would be receptive to it. And he tried to initiate contact with Nick several times.

In the space of forty-five minutes, he danced his way closer to Nick at least three times for the purpose of putting a hand on his arm, waist, or shoulder. Each time, he failed in the endeavor. Perhaps he should have gotten a hint right then and there, but somehow he didn't. He's Just Not That Into You hadn't been published yet, and common sense was somehow trumped in this situation.

Despite these failed attempts to make any body contact at all during the dancing session, they continued to dance for a little bit


Some Other Random Guy started dancing up to "them," if by "them," we mean "Nick." Nick offered no resistance whatsoever to SORG's arm around his waist within the first minute. Soon SORG "whispered" (to the extent that was possible), "You're cute. What's your name?" to Nick. Nick responded in kind.

At first he tried to laugh and be supportive that Nick had met someone. After all, wasn't that part of the goal of inviting Nick out? To induct him into part of the gay scene?

He stayed there a bit longer as things continued to transpire with between Nick and SORG. He even tried to put a bemused smile on his face, hoping that outside manifestations would guide the inner thoughts.

Then, in a blitzkreig maneuver which did not come completely unexpected, the Big Green Monster completely overwhelmed him.

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will said...

When I was trying to meet guys I always was shy about approaching someone with his friend because it was tough to be sure if they were dating or if they was some romantic interest between them or if they were in fact just friends. Apparently, not everyone operates under the same constraints.

anne said...

Oh pooh.