Wednesday, December 28, 2005


It still intrigues me the kinds of searches that people perform to reach this site. The most popular searches leading to this site have topped the list for as long as I can remember:

- Any search with "pronounce niciose" provides a hit to this blog. That Spelling Bee post has been racking up the hits ever since I anonymously verbally bitch-slapped that moron spelling bee chick.

- There's a huge number of people who search the lyrics to a particular Harvey Danger song ("Flagpole Sitta"), which ends up at this post. I'm reluctant to type up the search itself for fear that it'll just turn up on more searches.

- A lot of people are looking for the steps to a particular line dance. Unfortunately, I don't provide those steps. Heck, I've probably forgotten them already; it's been a while since I've been to the gay cowboy bar.

Most recently (and oddly), I got a hit off of someone asking the question: "When does the flashback come in the short story The Lottery?" I'd love to provide an answer to this question, but I don't know, even though I did just find The Lottery on line and re-read it (twice!) (last read it in the eighth grade). It's a fantastically-penned story but I, like the questioner, don't see anything in there that I would call a "flashback" in the classic sense of the word. Reminiscences by the characters, yes; "flashback," not so much. This is probably the kind of question that would have bugged the crap out of me in English class.


will said...

My site gets hits from people searching for "leopard beastiality." The sad thing is, in the last couple years I've dropped from #1 to #3. The fact that there's more than one hit for that scares me a little.

Dop said...

Mine has been found by searching the following: "girls farting", "red neck gifts", "deaf mothers", and "beheading".

Sub Girl said...

i really liked "the lottery" and i have no clue about that question either!