Monday, December 13, 2004

They Laugh at Age

For a time now, I've been keeping a small list of celebrities whom I can only describe as "Sexy Old Men." That is to say, celebrities I find hot who aren't the 20-something "it" boys of the moment -- men who are easily over 40, but still, well, hot.

So far, my list consists of:

1. Sting: Sexy voice, smooth or raspy as mandated by the work, with the body to match.
2. Anderson Cooper: Love his silver hair, gorgeous eyes, intelligence, and sense of humor. Loved him in The Mole. I wish that were on regular tv. The last season was only on the Game Show network. WTF?
3. Pierce Brosnan: The eyes. Oh, and the accent. Great chest, hairy or shaved.
4. Mark Harmon: Again, the eyes. And the roles he's played over the years....
5. Dennis Quaid: Just plain sexy. Okay, so the man has very little by way of actual acting talent. Still, he's fun to look at.
6. George Clooney: I rented the most godawful movie just to see his butt. It was only somewhat worth it.
7. David James Elliott: JAG doesn't feature nearly enough shirtless scenes. I'm insanely jealous of the woman he's married to.
8. Jeff Probst: Just for fun.
9. Chris Potter: I'm a sucker for the eyes and the self-deprecating smile and sense of humor. I sense a trend here.
10. Kevin Costner: Yeah.

Sean Connery has never been on my list. Frankly, I never found him that sexy when he was young. When People magazine voted him "Sexist Man Alive" back in... well, whenever they did, I totally couldn't agree.

And lest anyone accuses me of being sexist even though I'm gay, I do have a (smaller) list of no-spring-chicken women who are gorgeous:

1. Olivia Newton-John (of course!)
2. Sela Ward: I fell in love with her in Sisters, which is woefully late in her career. Once and Again was also a fantastic show. Her co-star in that show, Billy Campbell, just barely missed my list, though I suppose I could kick out Jeff Probst in favor of him.
3. Susan Sarandon: Sexy mama, and I love her politics and her refusal to stand idly by.
4 & 5. Heather Locklear and Kim Catrall: Hot damn these women defy age. Those bodies do not quit!
6. Michelle Yeoh: In some shots of Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon her age was more clearly visible on her face, but the fact that she still kicked ass! makes her soooo sexy. And in that Bond flick too.
7. Isabella Rossellini: Just the face and the accent. Fantastic. Italian chicks. Yeah.

Okay, I'll admit it, I just made this list (the women) up on the spur of the moment, but these are definitely some fine women-over-40. Heck, I think they're all over 50. But I haven't given it anywhere near as much thought as I have to the men. Hahaha.

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p.p. said...

So, Dennis, you're a "blue eye" guy, eh?

I like light eyes, too. And, nice teeth.