Wednesday, December 08, 2004

"Outing" Update

This post is a follow up to my previous post about the "outing" of my friend Mark to another of my high school friends, Kathy.

Okay, so I just talked to my friend Bert who was also at the happy hour where the unfortunate reveal took place. Turns out things aren't quite as bad as my conversation with Debra would have led me to believe. According to Bert, someone (for reasons still unknown) mentioned that Mark lives with his boyfriend in Seattle. Eventually, Bert turned to look at Kathy, and the look on her face made clear that she was confused. After clarifying that they were talking about Mark with whom both she and I went to high school, she put the pieces together, and Mark was officially outed...

... and at this point, Bert and Debra each said words to the effect of, "Yeah... uh... I guess you weren't supposed to know that."

So I guess things are just as well now. Kathy's decent at keeping a secret if she knows it's supposed to be a secret.

But I'm still annoyed that Debra was as flippant as she was....

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