Friday, December 31, 2004

Board Abort

(Unfortunately, that was the most clever pun I could come up with. It's not very good.)

Okay, I'm making a premature return to the internet. I'm not terribly happy about it, but hey, it's all good. I'll live.

So I had vacation plans for New Year's Eve. Note the past tense on that verb. Not happy. I was to leave the area on Dec. 29 and spend five nights out west at a ski resort. I was going to try my hand at snowboarding. (All those past tense verbs are killing me!) There were literally eight of us on this trip. We had booked through a travel agency that specialized in ski getaways.

There's a whole long and involved story involved in this, but I know it won't translate well to this medium, or any other, frankly. So let's just say by the end of my "will I make it out of here or won't I?" ordeal, I found myself annoyed at Elizabeth, Ann Marie, and Linda, at various points. And I had to cancel my flight plans.

My only saving grace is (1) I'll get most of my money back; and (2) I have a lead on a New Year's party that shouldn't be that difficult to get into without having purchased an advance ticket.


Jon said...

Oh no!! I'm sensing you had a fight with friends? It happens, I'm just sorry it was over New Year's. I'm such a bad gay- I don't really care about New Year's or Halloween that much, gotta do something about that. Happy new year, I hope you get to go to the party!

Christian said...

ummm, welcome back? no? sux deluxe, dude.

Dennis! said...

I didn't have a fight with my friends. The flight we were booked on was cancelled, and a large series of events precluded Elizabeth and me from rescheduling in such a way that would have made it worth it. The others of our friends were able to make it on to other flights.

So while the others are skiing their hearts out... Elizabeth and I were stuck back here.