Wednesday, October 20, 2004

Sorry, Mary -- not

Okay, so I'm starting to read in a suprising number of places that people are actually thinking that John Kerry should apologize about his Mary Cheney comment. People, what are you thinking? Here's a comment I posted to another blog recently about the subject:

Examples of "using" Mary Cheney as a political tool to be used for maximum political advantage:

(1) Dick Cheney's "Lynne and I have a gay daughter" and we love her very much.
(2) John Kerry saying in a national debate "I'm sure the VP's gay daughter is just beings who she is."
(3) Alan Keyes saying she's a "selfish hedonist." [Okay, so this one probably isn't going to work in getting maximum political benefit, but that's another story.]
(4) Trotting Mary and her frigging lesbian lover on stage after the VP debates to show just what a loving, supporting, tolerant family the Cheneys are.
(5) The Cheneys' selective indignation that John Kerry's talking about Mary's sexual orientation is bad, while the other aforementioned uses of Mary Cheney are not.

The Republicans have been using Mary Cheney as an election tool much more than John Kerry. She's a public figure, put there by the Republicans forever in search of their "compassionate conservative" image (which they will never find if the FMA continues to be something they insist on thumping).

Mary Cheney does not deserve an apology from John Kerry. Others have used and abused her for her sexual orientiation well before her name every publicly crossed John Kerry's lips -- and these others continue to do so in the form of selective outrage. Why should the Democrat be the only one from whom an apology is deserved?


biggaysam said...

I would have to agree. In an ideal world her sexual orientation or anything about her private life should have been off limits. After all, she's not the one running for office.

J-Sin said...

well the Republicans are also using her sexual preference as a wedge issue--which is utterly ridiculous and humilating to the human race. If anyone needs to apologize to Mary Cheney it should be her father's administration for pushing such nonsense down our throats. Gays deserve rights and freedoms just as much as any other group.