Wednesday, October 13, 2004

More Thoughts

As we get ready for the third presidential debate, I wanted to get down a few more thoughts about the second debate.

First, I'm not sure I was clear in how stupid the Dred Scott reference by W. was. Basically, he said (1) I don't like judges who don't strictly interpret the Constitution; and then (2) invoked Dred Scott. Problem is, the Dred Scott case did strictly interpret the Constitution, and in doing so, held that slaves are property of their white masters. In effect, our president declared that Dred Scott was a well-reasoned, good decision. 'Cause, you know, some people just should be considered property and nothing more.

Second, I left out one major observation from my last post, to wit: Is it just me, or does W. seem like he's still running as a candidate? Most of the debate centered around his plans: plans for economic stimulus, plans to bring more jobs around (after losing a million and having them slowly trickle back), plans, plans plans. He's a fucking incumbent. That means he's had four years to get things done. What the fuck has he been doing if now, after four years in office, he still has nothing but plans? John Kerry has plans, but he hasn't had the office to attempt to execute them yet. W. has had the Oval Office. Plans shouldn't cut it when you're a sitting president. Actions should.

Finally, I find it amazing that W. has the audacity to challenge Kerry's "long record" about this-and-that. At least Kerry has a record. W.'s spent most of the past 30 years engaging in losing business transactions (oil and sports) and generally waiting for his moment of glory. Well, he hit it. He doesn't have the long track record to attack. Strange election tactic, that: "My opponent has proven himself to be bad. I haven't proven anything at all about myself. So vote for me."

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