Friday, October 01, 2004

Animated crushes

Okay, so we've established that approaching a random blogger on the street to say hi is probably inappropriate, although potentially fun.

What makes me even sicker than you could ever possibly imagine, though, is that I can develop crushes on comic strip characters. I'm flipping through an online strip right now thinking, Wow, the boys in this strip are CUTE!

I'll have to allow you to judge for yourself: Check out Boy Meets Boy. That link is for the first day of the strip. You can keep reading ahead a day at a time. I've been addicted to this for hours now.

I should possibly also point out that I have crushes on Rob from Get Fuzzy (though he does have some not-so-flattering moments) as well as Jeremy from Zits. Or perhaps I shouldn't point that out. It's just plain embarrassing.

I am sick beyond my wildest dreams. I need help.

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