Sunday, October 03, 2004

Jack & Bobby

I have to say, I was prepared not to like this show. It's from the WB, what do you expect? But somehow I started watching it at the third episode, and I'm hooked.

The show is remarkably well-done: powerful both emotionally and intellectually. It's fascinating to know from the onset that Bobby is going to grow up to the be the President. With such a great premise, the show can take liberties with the historical events between 2004 and 2040, and we get to watch as life events shape Bobby's mindset, which leads up to his eventual political career.

Tonight's episode was particularly fascinating because of J&B's mother's position on organized religion. Now, personally, I'm not a fan of organized religion myself, but Prof. McAllister's tirade was inexcusable. So what really turned my head is when the Muslim woman whom the Prof. singled out as being too constrained and, indeed, enslaved by her beliefs took her to task for that comment. It really gave me a new perspective. I've never even thought to call anyone stupid for willingly oppressing themselves under the guise of religion -- that's just rude -- but watching the Professor get her comeuppance like that was, well, cool.


Cindy-Lou said...

I totally love this show too. Especially the prof's new assistant. Yummy, no?

Dennis! said...

The new assistant is a dreamboat. He was previously on Alias, and I remember thinking both he and Michael Vartan were hot hot hot! *sigh* I've since stopped watching the show, though.

I have to say that Jack on J&B is a very attractive young man too. He's definitely on track for stud status when he gets older.

Jason Krech said...

Hahaha -- this is awesome! We both have posts on our blogs about Jack & Bobby. Great!