Friday, March 19, 2004


Have I mentioned I'm also unusually forgetful lately? Isn't it a bit early for Alzheimers?

I frequently will read something at my desk, realize that I need to do some followup, get up from my desk... and promptly forget what followup I needed to pursue. Here are the stage directions to the play, conducted mostly in internal monologue:

Me: "That's an interesting point. I don't know that it's accurate. What did the original document say? I should take a look at it. It's probably in the file."

[I get up and head toward the file room to get the document. The internal monologue continues when I'm about 1/4 of the way from my office to the file room, which is about 20 feet away.]

Me: "What was I supposed to go look for again? ... Dammit!"

I bring this up now just because this morning, I thought of something that would be cool and fun to blog about. But when I actually opened up the window to write the blog.... nothing.

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