Thursday, March 04, 2004

Activism at Its Cruisiest

So I went to the Anti-Marriage Amendment Rally held at the Human Rights Campaign last night. It was fun. I love gatherings with large throngs (did I actually just use the word "throngs"?) of people gathered together for a common, passionate purpose.

But more to the point, this rally would almost of necessity be populated by slews and slews of gay men.

Not that I really care about that.

I was supposed to meet several people there. Friends of mine, some gay, some straight. I found Lora and Amy, but couldn't find anyone else I knew, with the dull exception of a guy who I "kinda sorta hung out with" (his words, not mine) for a few months over a year ago and to whom I had no inclination to say hi. So there I was, a gay man in the company of two women at a gay-rights rally.

As I kept my eyes out for my friends, I couldn't help noticing that many of the men there weren't so much paying attention to the speeches as they were either chatting with friends or giving directions on their cell phones. It was a social event more than anything. With a nice background noise.

But it was fun and energizing in any event. I'm now looking into doing some kind of volunteer work with a gay group. I say that now with every best intention. Whether I meet with positive results remains to be seen.

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