Monday, March 01, 2004

Catchy gross rats

Okay, I feel totally sick and twisted for saying so (and in fact have been called totally sick and twisted for saying so), but I LOVE those new Quiznos ads out featuring strange-looking rats singing in stupid little accents. They're gross. I mean, really gross. One of my friends, who has never eaten at Quiznos before, swears she can't possibly eat there now after those rats.

But the ads have so saturated the market that now I like them. I find them amusing. God help me.

And I'm going to supply a link, too: Check here and watch the commerical yourself.

"They got a pepper bar!" (Aside: I went to Quiznos the other day, just on the strength of these commercials, and as far as I could tell, there really was no pepper bar. Maybe by "pepper bar" they mean that rats get into the area where they keep their peppers after work and the rats help themselves.)

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