Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Random Thoughts

Thoughts that ran through my head tonight as I rode the Metro into NoVa to play poker:

- We're packed like sardines in here, yet it's dead quiet for some reason.
- Why is it the cutest guy in here is not facing me so that I can only see the back of his head?
- This guy's belly literally extends to where the tandem doors meet. Of course, given that, it would make perfect sense that he'd be the one standing in the doorway and not moving out of the cab when we pull into a station. Thankfully, that was the last stop on his side for a while.
- Something smells funny all of a sudden. I don't know for certain, but I'm going to blame Big Fat Guy, because I notice that he has now raised his arm to hold on to the overhead handle bar.
- Then of course, Big Fat Guy would get annoying and rude when it came time for him to get off the train.

Thoughts from tonight's poker game:
- The guy sitting next to me? I swear, I'm going to call him Napoleon from now on. He is Napoleon Dynamite jumped off the screen.

- The guy sitting two seats from him? Cleveland Brown from Family Guy. Just because of the way he talks, not the way he looks.

- Whenever I'm dominating the pockets (e.g., A-Q vs. A-9), the low card will always pair up, sucking me out. Always. In contrast, whenever I have the dominated hand (e.g., Q-Q vs. K-K), I will never get my suckout card, and I will lose.

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Darth Gateau said...

be thankful that you're not on the Tube in London - it's narrower, older and has no air conditioning so those funny smells linger a whole lot longer.....