Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Abenteuer in Deutschland

A few girlfriends of mine ran off to Germany and Austria for a trip. I was invited (kind of), but given my experiences last time I went travelling with these girls, I decided to take a pass. (Well, that and I'm just plain broke.)

I'm glad I took that pass.

Here's a few email exchanges I've had with one the girls. Names and overly specific events changed, just in case someone's reading this blog who shouldn't be. Links are mine. Typos, however, remain intact.

From Emily to me:

hez there, we are all still alive. (note, the y and the z are mixed up on the kezboard, but i tzpe much faster if i ignore that=. anzwaz, i think laura is driving kristin crayz, but kristin isn├Ąt complaining. the problem is that kristin and i are much more on the same plane on scheduling and shopping issues, and we dont want to hang with laura while she spends 40 minutes picking out postcards!! but no major issues just zet, but there is still time.

Then later:

ok, this is truly classic.

laura orders a pasta dish with cheese sause that comes with peas and ham. she tells them NO PEAS. we wait 40 minutes for our food, and of course it comes with the peas. i saz laura, we waited all this time, just pick the peas out, its not like thez change the flavor. but no, she sends it back and tells them no peas. so kristin and i are just finishing our meals 15 minutes later and her dish comes back -- completelz plain pasta with ham and a lot of peas. laura looks totallz dismazed and the waitress goes, this is right, zah? no cheese? and laura goes no, no, no!!! i said hold the PEAS, not the CHEESE!!! i was terrified laura would send it back again, but the waitress just dumped a whole bowl of parmesan cheese on it, and laura just picked out the peas. except... she puts a forkful in her mouth and i see that one of the offending green suckers managed to sneak in, so i saz, laura, there is a pea in there... and then she just spit her whole mouthful right back on the plate!!!!!! kristin and i were dzing.... it was absolutelz hzsterical.

i swear i am not making this up... as if i could!


My girlfriends are picky eaters, persnickity about sleep, single-minded with respect to travel destinations, and sometimes a little on the inflexible side. I've pretty much decided that the next vacation I take, I'm going solo.

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kat said...

oh dear. they sound like the EXACT OPPOSITE of me. when i travel, the only thing i need to know is whether they have alcohol, and whether i can have some of it.

Rene Merced Jr said...

That's funny. I'm the guy who could go through the drive-thru at McDonalds, order a quarter pounder, and get a double bacon cheeseburger. Instead of going back to get what I ordered, I would grumble "I didn't order this" and then take the bacon off and eat it. Even when I should complain, I'm too passive or complacent to actually do it.

Oddly enough, I only have this weakness when it applies to food.

Jon said...

Lol! That's why Europeans look down on us. If you or I went, we'd know how to behave.

Still, Germans are weird, and Austrians are some of the meanest people I've ever had anything to do with

Dennis! said...

Kat: We would have lots of fun travelling together.

Rene: I'm kinda the same way. I'm so not picky that if I get what I didn't order, in all likelihood I'll eat it anyway.

Jon: I seem to recall a certain shopkeeper in Germany....