Monday, April 03, 2006

Under the Weather

Okay, I just have to whine a bit.

I've been fighting something or another for two weeks now. Two weeks! What the hell? I blame a woman from my office, who took a day off one day, then came back on the second day even though she didn't feel 100%. Though I tried to keep my distance from her, I seem to have nonetheless caught something.

So for the past two weeks, I have managed to alternate between all kinds of medications, some of which seem inconsistent:

- CVS generic Tussin: For cough and congestion. I literally feel like there's a tightness in my chest, and if I cough hard enough, something will emerge. You know that episode of South Park where everyone realizes that if you eat through your ass, you crap out your mouth? Yeah, I feel like at some point I would cough up something resembling a large piece of shit. I wish there were some device a doctor could use (preferably outpatient) for the purpose of shoving something into your throat or nostril and just sucking out all the crap accumulating in your lungs. Unfortunately, I don't think those exist. Anyone have any success with that Mucosamine stuff (the one with those commercials with the talking bog of phlegm)?

- CVS generic decongestant (sudafed type stuff): Despite the fact that the mucous in my chest felt thick (like something from The Blob), my nose was actually running. I've gone through two boxes of tissues already. It's gross the amount of wadded-up tissues randomly placed around my place (such as near my bed, where I hadn't bothered to put a trash receptacle). So while I was trying to loosen up the mucous in my chest, I was trying to dry up the mucous in my nose. This is a tricky balancing act.

- Advil LiquiGels: I took this when I felt like I had a fever. At one point, I took my temperature and found I had a 99.9 degree reading. I was also suffering from the chills. I have to say, Advil is now my fever reducer of choice. Damn, it worked well. Then, I figured, given how thick my chest phlegm was, there must be some element of fever involved, so I kept popping them.

- Asthma medication: All this has, of course, exacerbated my asthma, which makes some things next to impossible -- among them, breathing. A close second, sleeping through the night. The latter is also made difficult by having your nose not function all that well either.

All this is not good at all.

A colleague at my office suggested that I not see a doctor. "You're just suffering from a cold," she told me. "The doctor's going to give you antibiotics and you're just going to end up being resistant to them!" Silly me, I decided to actually listen to her, and did not go to a doctor.

But now it's just too much. It's been too long. I need to get a professional's opinion on this.

And I'm pretty much miserable much of the time.


Steve said...

Holy Crap! You're a walking, talking drug store. I'm not a doctor, but I play one on the radio, and after two weeks, you should probably consult a professional. Hope you feel better soon.

Jon said...

I agree with Steve. Granted, if I were in your shoes, I wouldn' go to the doctor if my heart fell out of my ass, but when it comes to someone else, I always advise it. I doubt it's anything serious, but it doesn't hurt. Keep us updated and get well soon

Matthew said...


Hope you feel better, Dennis.

Co-workers who still come to work while sick piss me off. They seem to think it shows some sort of devotion to the job, but in reality they just end up infection half the staff, thereby sending other people out sick, or else slowing down production because a bunch of sick people are trying to stay at work and get stuff done, but are doing it slowly because their ill.


p.p. said...

And, if I would have gone to DC this weekend, you wanted to meet up in your condition? Ha! Are you trying to kill me?

Dennis! said...

Peter: Well I would have at least tried not to cough on you....

Anonymous said...

Or maybe the sick woman returned to work because she got a call from the boss telling her she better get in and get the work done. "You can't be that sick!" I had a boss say that to me.