Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Punch Drunk

My plan hit me on the way to the deli for lunch today. I must admit, I chuckled all the way to and from the deli as the plan played forward in my mind.

After getting my sandwich, I stopped by the Hot Dog Guy on my way back to the office to pick up a can of Hawaiian Punch.

Because I don't usually get Hawaiian Punch for lunch (or any drink for that matter, since my officemates and I appear to be singlehandedly keeping Coke Zero in business), my co-worker T. had to make reference to it as I sat down to eat. "Hawaiian Punch today, huh? Going for something different?" she asked.

"Sorta..." I responded. Then I launched into my insipid plan to plant a stupid and wildy irritating song into T.'s head. "I was on my way to get this sandwich," I told her, "when suddenly this popped into my head --"

And I sang:

I'ma get get get get some punch
Get some punch to drink with lunch.
My lunch my lunch, my lunch my lunch my lunch.
My lunch my lunch, I love Hawaiian Punch!

Check it out!

Okay, much more fun if you have the Black Eyed Peas stuck in your head.

Damn stuff is loaded with high fructose corn syrup, but it was oh so worth it to execute this joke.


Anonymous said...

oh-me-garsh!! H. Punch!! Gads, I've not drunk that stuff in a dog's age!! And they're still manufacturing it?

WHAT, by the way, IS that thing on Punchy's head? For the life of me I've NEVER been able to figure out WHAT the hell that thing IS.

Meanwhile, any opportunity to plant an earworm in your coworkers is worth a lil' HFCS.

MoDigli said...

Ah-ha ha! This CRACKED me up!!! "My Humps" was the theme song of the Arizona vacation I just returned from. We all sang that damn thing a million different ways ALL. WEEK. LONG!!!

Watcha gonna do with all that JUNK?!

Washington Cube said...

Scroll down for an old Hawaiian punch TV ad:


Ryan said...

Mind if I repeat this joke to all my friends so they think that I'm creative? Come on, please?