Friday, April 21, 2006

Eavesdrop DC

It's not yet as big as Overheard in New York, but someone's finally created a rough equivalent for DC: Eavesdrop DC. I'm guessing the guy who does NY didn't want to relinquish the "Overheard in DC" domain name.

Anyway, it's still pretty funny. DC definitely has a unique flavor, though. Different, but not necessarily better or worse, than New York. Of course, this makes each blog just slightly nuanced.

Anne, I know you've wondered twice why I didn't start something like this up. Answer: I'm just plain lazy. But I'm glad it now exists.

Oh, and something I submitted was posted recently, though they didn't give me credit. As I think of it, though, I didn't ask for any. I suppose I should have.


anne said...

But they should have given you credit, without you having to ask for it. That would be common courtesy. Sheesh.

Jon said...

Basically everything I say could end up on OHINY, lol. Especially now that I'm trying to quit smoking ;-)

Don't sweat not getting credit. We, your loyal readers, know it was you! Besides, its a new site

Kristin said...

You shouldn't have to ask for credit.

I'm excited by the idea of Eavesdrop DC but I'm really going to have to think about what I say in public. Maybe I shouldn't shout "Did you get the bullet fixed?" or "Did you get a cream for that rash?" in the middle of Clyde's.

Dennis! said...

Anne: Well particularly since I didn't really leave my blog name, just my email name... anyhoo, oh well. It'll be a fun site once word gets out more.

Jon: Next time we hang out (and I swear it'll be soon, since I've got a hankering to see the city again), I'll keep a running list of the stuff you say. Not that I won't be saying quotable stuff too. Like "I'm so not drunk."

Kristin: I love the thought of having everyone's embarrassing conversations broadcast to beyond the immediate hearing range. I'll look for you at Clyde's next time and make up funny, quotable things for you.