Thursday, February 02, 2006

Photo Op

I've had blogger-block lately. It's awful. I sit there at my computer and type away only to discard the product as crap, not even blogworthy (and we all know I've put up some pretty bad stuff here).

So I'm taking still more days off from everything this month. Tomorrow (early morning) I head out to LA to see some family for the weekend. Originally it was to be Las Vegas, but that plan got nixed becuase Super Bowl fans everywhere seem to have booked up the city solid.

My parents, whom I have not seen in several years (it seems) will be there and will undoubtedly yell at me for whatever (I'm fat, I've got bad breath, I packed too much, I packed too little, my nose is running/stuffed, my hair looks stupid, my clothes are wrinkly, blah blah blah) and I will undoubtedly grin and bear it, as I always seem to. The uncle we're staying with (I do so wish I could credibly assert the need to stay in a hotel) I've never really gotten along well with, even though there's a thawing out in progress lately.* And his son is only about twelve or something, and I have nothing in common with him.

But this is also the house with the infamous Brandon pool. I plan to take a few pictures just to see how they turn out on my camera, just to see if I can spot the hoodie. Wish me luck.

Yeah, I'm looking forward to this trip. Uh huh.

* By the way, as an update to that post about "Letting Go," my mother and her brother Randy have, for the past several months now (more or less since my grandmother's passing) actually been speaking to each other, and on pleasant terms. I find this both astounding and wonderful at the same time. I'm proud that my mother, despite all the years between them, is capable of FINALLY letting go of whatever grudge existed between them, swallow her pride (she has an inordinately strong sense of pride) and "let go."


duane said...

OOOO! Family time; you are a brave, brave man.

Washington Cube said...

Try and dump a fav poem on your blog for Reya's DC writers poetry project today:

Steve said...

You don't sound too terribly excited about going, but I hope it turns out OK. And yeah, take some pics... that Brandon pool/hoodie post was really creepy. Have a good trip, Dennis!

p.p. said...

I've had blogger-block lately too. Have you noticed the shit I've written about in the past couple weeks? It sickens me.

But, have a good trip out to the west coast.

Guy said...

i find that drinking large quantities of grain alcohol gets rid of blogger-block. unfortunately, it also gets rid of large chunks of brain matter, and your lunch, so i don't necessarily recommend it.