Friday, February 17, 2006

Quirky Much?

Some time ago, Blueberry Pie tagged me with the meme that I've been ruminating on. The meme itself is simple. It's the answers that always get to me.

Meme: List five "weird habits" about yourself, then tag five other bloggers to do the same thing. Here's my list:

1. I talk to myself. I have seriously been known to carry on entire conversations with myself. Sometimes I laugh -- sometimes out loud in public places -- at my own silly responses to myself. Other times I actually chastise myself for being stupid enough to even think certain things. I provide checks and balances for myself this way. I could write entire dialogs which are, in reality, monologues. (Why are those two words spelled differently? That's just weird.)

2. I make strange noises -- out loud -- when I'm frustrated or annoyed. It started as "grrrr," which slowly evolved to an annoyed "aaaaarrrrr," which turned into a pirate-like "aaaaarh!" (sometimes i'll even toss in the "matey!"), and at some point this noise further (d)evolved into something sounding like "raaaah-ba-ba-ba-ba-ba-ba." I have no idea where those last syllables came from. But it's fun to make that sound, so it kinda diffuses the stress that led to it, because I will laugh at myself for making that stupid noise.

3. I am absolutely awful when it comes to laundry. I'll do it only when I run out clothes (usually dress shirts for work). Then even when it's done, I'm terrible and hanging them back up or otherwise returning them to a spot properly designated for clean clothes. Frequently, my laundry basket is actually being used to house clean clothes while the dirty ones accumulate in a pile in my bathroom.

4. I still sleep with two of my stuffed animals. Well, at least they're still sitting on the bed. Sometimes I talk to them. And they talk back. This is only slightly different from #1, but in a material way.

5. I develop silly little schoolgirl crushes very quickly. There used to be a time when they were really awful, because I would also get upset when I realized the object of my crush didn't return the feeling. Now I just recognize them as stupid little crushes, never act on them, and let them run their course. This is particularly helpful when I develop silly little crushes on straight boys.

Full disclosure: There are probably much weirder things in my life worth sharing, but I'm just too lazy to think of them now. Hey, maybe that's a #6: I am lazy as all get out. But then #3 pretty much adequately demonstrates that too, doesn't it?

I'm supposed to tag five people for this meme, but I just don't feel like it (laziness again?), so I won't. But don't let that stop you from playing along now that you've read this.


Jon said...

Hey, nothing raunchy or TMI. Damn! ;)

Ryan said...

#5 is so totally not fun! I greatly appreciate it when gay dudes develop crushes on me - and I will always flirt back. I'm sure there are probably plenty of complicated reasons for this... Hey, stop thinking!

Steve said...

I'm with you on #5. *twirls hair/giggles like schoolgirl* And like you, I also just let them run their course. Hope you have a great weekend, Dennis!

Dennis! said...

Jon: Not all of us find ourselves getting fellated by Greek storeowners in Berlin, you know.... Some of us are just boring that way.

Ryan: So does that mean I can flirt with you with impunity? Woo hoo!

Kirkkitsch said...

Funny you should post this. I'm working on a post now about all my idiosyncracies, too.

BTW, 1-4 are already on my list. LOL! Have you been spying on me? ;)

Vince said...

With the excpetion of the stuffed animals (I've graduated to the much more mature body pillow), you could have just described me.


Dennis! said...

Wow, guess I'm not as uniquely quirky as I thought! :)