Tuesday, February 14, 2006

February 14

I wanted to come up with some cheesy, schmaltzy post about love on Valentine's Day, but I'm just unable.

How about this: Not that anyone cares, but I've pulled my profile off of match.com. Well, at least I think I have. I've asked them to, but when I log in, I can still see it, which makes me doubt.

I took advantage of their three-day free trial offer once recently and sent off a spate of "winks" just for fun. One guy told me he wasn't interested. Unfortunately, that was a guy I had met before. Oh well. I'm hoping he just somehow doesn't realize that I'm the guy from the brunch.

In the end, match.com just way too expensive for it to be realistically worth it to have a profile up at all. When I first signed up, any paying member could send an email, and the recipient could read and respond to it after that. Now, a paying member sends an email, and the recipient must also pay to read it and respond. I know I'm not willing to shell out that kind of dough, so I may as well remove myself from that particular search engine.

Oh, and one more random point of interest: While on this day we tend to talk about "Cupid's Arrow" and blah blah blah, it's funny that the word "cupidity" is defined as "excessive greed with respect to material wealth." Food for thought.

Happy Valentine's Day.


kat said...

happy vd to you, too dennis! but not actual vd, just valentine's day.

Steve said...

Ooooh. I saw my long-ago X on match.com not long ago. Thank god I didn't join. Happy Valentine's Day, Dennis!

Washington Cube said...

Happy Valentine's Day, Dennis.