Thursday, January 12, 2006

I Feel So ... Exposed

I suppose it was bound to happen sooner or later when one writes a fully publicly-accessible blog, but frankly, I seriously thought that the odds of anyone of particular interest (i.e., those people mentioned in this blog) would find this blog were so low as to be negligible.

Yeah, as usual, I was wrong.

I have recently come to realize that some people mentioned on this blog have, in fact, found it. I don't know how often they read it -- Hi! if you're reading this now -- but they know of its existence. To wit, the guitarist on whom I harbor(ed?) a mad crush (who got married a few months ago) has likely read my recounting of the time I accosted him on the Metro -- because his wife has seen it and posted about it on some message board somewhere. Apparently someone from the band he plays with had found this blog a while back -- again, Hi! if you're reading this! -- and passed it along.

Oh, and apparently, Guitarist's wife thinks that I give her dirty looks at gigs. Seeing as I've only ever seen her once at a performance and wouldn't be able to identify her in a lineup tomorrow, I think she's mistaken.

I am left to wonder how many other people I've identified in this space have read my thoughts about them and just kept their peace on the matter. I suppose in the end it doesn't matter anyway, because I seldom act on my inappropriate thoughts. So, for example, it's not like I would ask Guitarist Guy if he wanted to go get a hotel room or something.

So now I'm busy mentally listing all the discrete people I've identified by description on this blog and wondering whether they've seen it and recognized themselves in it. A part of me still insists it's about as likely as actually successfully meeting up through Craigslist's Missed Connections, but now I'm not so terribly sure.


Jon said...

I wouldn't sweat it too much, you seem to be relatively anonyous, don't use your last name, and don't post photos of yourself. I've told a few friends about my blog and now wish I haven't, but at the samwe time I'm too lazy to start all over again.

duane said...

LOL! this is one of the main reasons I just started mine as my name and went with it; I pretty much say what I would say to someone's face, on the blog. I wouldn't worry about it (I don't think you are), because, after all, people have opinions, and should be able to express them (even anonymously).

Steve said...

I actually was talking about Craigslist to somebody the other day AND suggested to another person that they should post one! I've only done it once, and yeah, nothing happened. (I still read it, though. Shhhh.)

NotCarrie said...

I wonder this a lot. I'm not sure how much I care I just wish if friends found my blog they would tell me.

playfulinnc said...

I am drowning in stalker hell right now. 3, count em, 3 of my guys ex's have found their way to me and are daily readers.

If only I had a "block" feature on my blog...