Tuesday, January 24, 2006

I Left My Heart in Spain

Warning: This was my first-ever foray with a digital camera. As such, the photos in the links below are of exceedingly high graphic quality (each frigging shot is least 1.5MB) and the pages may download slowly if you have a slow connection. Also because it's my first foray with a digital camera, there are way more pictures in the albums than need to be.

That said, I present to you, my exceedingly anally-filenamed photos of my trip to Spain:

Day 1 - Sevilla. Includes the Alcazar, the Catedral de Sevilla, the Giralda Tower, and the Plaza de Espana.

Day 3 - Granada. Mostly pictures of the Alhambra.

Day 4 - Ronda. Includes the oldest bullring in Spain, the breathtaking cityscape (it's situated atop a deep gorge), and ancient Arab baths (who knew they took baths?) (I KID!).

Day 5 - Santiponce, and more Sevilla. Mostly pictures of Italica, the site of some "Roman" ruins (I'm skeptical). ** I decided not to bother to upload these shots because they're not all that interesting, frankly. Except for when my friend Elizabeth and I start gettin' jiggy widdit, which is hilarious, but probably only to us.

Day 6 - Cordoba. Mostly pictures of the Catedral Mezquita.

I know that by linking to other pages, I run the risk of people saying, "Hey, your shots suck compared to those other shots." But hey, at least I was THERE for the shots I took.

Man, I hope these hyperlinks work.


Steve said...

Great pics, Dennis! And the corresponding links which tell the story was a great idea! Welcome back!

katie said...

Your pics are fantastic, you have a really good eye. What kind of camera do you have?

Dennis! said...

Katie: It's a Pentax Optio S60. Best balance between affordable and decent quality that I could find at the Costco that day ($250). Of course, I had to also by a 1GB memory card, because without one the camera only holds about 6 photos.

katie said...

That takes really great pictures! I'm on my second Sony, and frankly I'm not happy with the way this one is set up, or the quality of the pictures (as always, it's probably the photographer) So I'm kind of looking for a new one.