Tuesday, January 03, 2006

The Obligatory "I'm Back!" Post

Happy New Year.

I rang in the new year by sleeping like there was no tomorrow. I swear, this has got to be some kind of medical condition or something. After getting home from a fundraising party (where I did some volunteer work) at around 2 AM on January 1, I didn't leave the house again until this morning.

The party was fun. The Floorshow was a little odd -- there appeared to be little discernible plot, despite their fervent attempts to create one linking the various drag lip sync performances, but all in all, it was pretty enjoyable. There were quite a good number of attractive men and boys there, none of whom, naturally, gave me a second look (except when I spilled beer all over the floor, repeatedly, because the tap ran much faster than it should have and every cup was at 70% foam on the first pour). One guy threw up in the middle of the floor show (suddenly not so hot anymore) and one woman became rather loud and obnoxious. And those two people were fellow volunteers. Not good. Hell, I only counted two paying partygoers as over-the-top. That can't be good.

Most of January 2 was spent sleeping. And having very, very odd dreams, which I can't recall at this time. I do remember that they were quite illogical. I lied and later told friends that I spent some of the day cleaning up the disaster area that is my apartment.

Now I'm back at the office. Can I just say this is even less enjoyable than I thought it was going to be.

Happy New Year!


Steve said...

It's those little not-really-a-lie lies about cleaning up your apartment after New Year's Eve that'll make 'em all think you da man! Happy New Year, Dennis!

anne said...

Happy New Year, Dennis. And make it all happen. :)

Dop said...

I'm in the office reading your blog, so my life is just as unenjoyable as yours. Happy New Year.

katie said...

Happy New Year! Coming back to work has been nothing short of painful.