Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Pleased to Meet You.... I Hope You Guess My Name.

I need to hone my skills in introducing myself to random people. Well, not quite "random." I'm referring to the blogosphere.

Obviously, it's quite easy to "introduce" yourself via blog. Either you just write your entries and somehow get people to read them, or you submit a comment on someone else's blog (hopefully not the type that says "I love your blog! Check out the discount Viagra at this web site!"). But twice in the past month now I've managed to look freakish -- thus making a complete ass of myself -- when encountering fellow bloggers in real life.

The collision of worlds throws me off. Because my picture is not posted on this site, it's unlikely that anyone will approach me to tell me they've read this blog. So really, it's fully incumbent on me to say something to people whose pictures I recognize.

Mike, whom I mentioned briefly before, was clearly thrown off by this conversation when I accosted him in a bowling alley:

Me: Are you Mike?
Mike: [looking nervous] Uh, yeah.
Me: Hi!... Uh, my name is Dennis!.
Mike: [still looking a bit befuddled] ....
Me: I read your blog.
Mike: Oh! Hi.

Thankfully, he recognized my name from a few of the comments I've posted on his site and he's actually come by to read this once in a while.

This past weekend, after my foray into philosophizing, I tried to duck into a 7-11 for a cold beverage as I headed home, when who should I see unchaining his bike outside the store than Jimbo. This guy clearly could never have any idea who I am. Although he’s blog-linked to the right, his blog appears to be quite popular, so I have no reason to believe he comes here. But I said hi anyway:

Me: You're Jimbo! [as if I needed to tell him his own name. Way to go there.]
Jimbo: [...] Hi?
Me: Heh. Sorry. You have no idea who I am. I read your blog.
Jimbo: Oh! Hi. And you are....?
Me: [suddenly realizing that, in fact, I have yet to actually introduce myself] Oh yeah. Hi. I'm Dennis!
Jimbo: Hi.
Me: Anyway, well, just thought I'd say hi. Yeah. Uh, hi.
Jimbo: Well, I need to head over to Adams Morgan... so, nice meeting you.
Me: Okay, take care.

I should point out also that sometime during this exchange we managed to shake hands, like, twice, because I have no freaking clue what I'm doing when it comes to randomly introducing myself. Awkward much? By the way, that conversation is probably a little longer than I've managed to recount, because I know there was a point in there when we talked about Adams Morgan Day too.

Is it possible I'm randomly starstruck by local bloggers?

In my defense (such as it is, though I don't think it's even a defense) I'm also completely clueless when it comes to hot guitar players in local bands. So have a massive crush on the guitar player in a certain local band (I shall spare him the indignity of naming him or the band here), and once actually bumped into him on the Metro. This conversation ensued:

Me: Hey, do you play the guitar?
Him: [looking vaguely frightened] Uh.... yeah?
Me: Ohmigod, you’re the guy from [band name]!
Him: [smiles - adorable smile, by the way]
Me: I just saw you guys a week ago. I love you guys! You guys are great!
Him: Thanks.

The conversation continued just a little bit more, about how they seldom perform in DC proper but instead play just over the river in the part of Virginia that doubles as suburban DC, and how they also tend to play at venues pretty far removed from even that (we’re talking like 30-40 minute drives here). Then we reached his stop and he bolted for the exit bid me a polite adieu.

Hey, at least I didn't try to hit on him. (For the record, I believe he's married, though he wasn't when I bumped into him.) I'll save that for the next time I see Jimbo, though I'm totally not his type.


anne said...

They probably loved the starstruck look anyway. And if your picture was on this site, you'd get that a lot too, I'm sure.

Jon said...

When I met you last winter, I was expecting someone indian/South Asian lookig since you wrote about a family member living in Sri Lanka! I was a little thrown off, but it was still fun ;)

Matt S. said...

That is hilarious, I am sure the same thing would happen to me if I lived in a place where other bloggers live. I would see them and get totally star struck and make a fool out of myself. Those conversations didn't seem too awkward, so I think you are good, and I am sure they were both flattered.

duane said...

I haven't met any bloggers in person yet, but I hope that when we do, it isn't uncomfortable. I want it to be fun!